Palmy Creep Catcher Connor Bevins Arrested – all Online Material Removed


Featured Image – Alleged professional / tax payer funded pedophile minder, Senior Sergeant Phil Edwards. Is he a Mason? Connor Bevins, the Palmy Creep Catcher, arrested by police for exposing the plague of pedophiles now operating freely and with apparent government and police protection in New Zealand. Not to mention also with Mark Zuckerberg’s protection. 

Well there you have it folks.

Our Nation, Government, Justice system and the Police are run by pedophiles. And so is the internet apparently also.

Outright proof.

New Zealand is being run by pedophiles, for pedophiles.

Not to say everyone working for them are pedophiles – but those running the show clearly are. They are pedophiles. You will know them by their deeds as they say.

Connor Bevins published evidence of grown men, some in there 60’s, sexually grooming underage boys and girls for sex dates, then actually showing up for those meetings, all of which is against the law – and the police have apparently not investigated any of it, and have now instead arrested Connor Bevins for “digital harm” and seized all of his evidence.

Dear God.

So raping underage kids (that is called statutory rape) is now apparently legal, but exposing them is a crime. It is “harmful”.

The NZ Government, police and justice system clearly believe that so called ‘digital’ harm is worse than raping kids.

And then Youtube and Facebook/ Mark Zuckerberg help them out and support that logic, hand picking which comments are seen, hacking the views and ‘likes’, then eventually switching off all of the associated accounts and deleting all of the evidence altogether.


The masonic new world order has well and truly arrived hasn’t it.

Lizard Mark Zuckerberg and his team have gone through and removed all comments supporting Palmy Creep Catchers and replaced them with fake comments from pedophiles, pedophile minders, and Sayanim shills and spies. Check out how many pedophile lovers and supporters we apparently have in NZ..mostly fake profiles we would say…..

Perhaps we should all just be thankful that we are ‘defeating ISIS’, and that Trump is ‘clearing the swamp’ (while congratulating  Jacinda Ardern). And that Rocket Lab are going to space.

Dear God.

Masonic Pedophiles are running our Government. And there is apparently a small army of pedophiles and/or pedophile minders working for them, who all support it.

It is truly Biblical.

These Masonic freaks are quite literally normalizing pedophilia in New Zealand.

No comment from anyone in the media as far as we are aware? Everyone you see on your TV is a pedophile and/or a sodomite also. Been telling you that for a while now.

Its like a bad dream.

What are the chances he now gets a pedophile judge?

‘First they came for the creep catchers…..”


“Here’s an article from stuff saying this

Further reiterates the fact that these pedofiles are a major network who have overtaken our communities raping and abusing the future generations, a real sodomocracy like you have previously stated brother.

Dirty old homosexual/pedofile business owner corporate pieces of pure scum

Is Taupo truly proving to be the masonic pedofile capital of New Zealand?

So allegedly the creep catcher has been charged for ‘harassing’ people and all his pages etc have been taken down. Someone was writing about this on Facebook and the comment is still there. Apparently EVERYTHING of his in regards to exposing them has been deleted or removed.

Here is a quote taken directly from a page on Facebook talking about this

Earlier today police executed a search warrant and raided a property were “palmy creep catcher ” had been staying removing iPads phones and other devices. And he was areasted at another location .
So far the charges are only ones that relate to social media clauses and a disordley likely to cause violence..
Police have released him on bail but are demanding he return to palmy were he has received death threats but police were not interested in knowing about them and refuse to bail him to a taupo address.
What’s every ones thoughts on this….. there treating him like hes a crim when really he exposed the crims/creeps….

No doubt its the high up pedo masons trying to cover up there dirty deeds and further protect their ‘club’ from being exposed and trying to shut anyone up whose exposing them.

People are trying to say the guy was ‘unprofessional’ and trying to bag on him for many different reasons .. what a load of shit! The guy is a legend and like yourself, shows their work is coming from the heart for exposing these creepy fkrs who lurk our streets and terrorise the children. Further proves just how perverted Taupo is with its infestation of masons/lizards/creeps and the mayor is yet to comment, no doubt doing what he can to cover up the satanic sex cult running in the town.

Chief Justice Sian Elias has turned New Zealand into a Pedophiles Paradise – by Design

Ezekiel 25:17

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4 thoughts on “Palmy Creep Catcher Connor Bevins Arrested – all Online Material Removed”

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    Trample on snakes says:

    NZ is now well and truly unfortunately a pedophile paradise. All these different and new ‘roles’ that they have within a council aren’t even necessary needed, all the ‘corporate roles’ . It seems they create ‘positions’ within organisations such as govt, councils, schools, businesses etc which allegedly allow other high end mason/pedophiles to operate within a certain town or region where the person is put on a ridiculous salary wearing their flash suit and ties etc.

    Taupo is the place where a lot of high end businessman/corporates/masons seem to meet where they can do ‘business deals’, with a LOT of corporate traffic going through staying at the likes of Wairakei resort and Huka lodge. I am confident in saying that if you want your business to bloom in a town like Taupo or Palmy then being a mason is the way to enable that, with all the ‘connections;’ that are part of the ‘deal’. I have heard different stories of people within Taupo getting charged ridiculous amounts of rent and other problems and challenges that they face when they try to start a business.

    The masons definitely have their doctor, lawyer, accountant, Teacher, dentist, policeman, car, funeral, insurances, mortgages/homes, tradesman hookups – especially in Taupo where these creeps have been operating for YEARS. The Taupo district council and A.C baths high up staff are inundated with these freaks, quite possibly more than any other council I have encountered. SOME of the staff at some of the Auckland and Christchurch facilities I have been to have had friendly enough people that wouldn’t seem the type to enjoy anal penetration, but as for Taupo, well FUCCKKKKKK.

    Taupo seems to be big enough to keep people busy and distracted but at the same time a small enough hub where these offenders who have run the show for years are able to protect one another and know how the ‘operation’ is run.

    Taupo as a town could be a beautiful place not only to look at on a postcard but also a good place to Live, Much like the rest of New Zealand .. unfortunately when its infested with predators, the house market is in a ridiculous situation and the amount poison in the lake and food (Hardly any organic food places around) then NZ is going to continue being a homo hub for foreign types who only want to satisfy their own perverted sexual needs.

    Is the higher end Masonry literally all about pedophilia, shoving things up their rare ends and homosexuality?Are they addicted to it or something?

    Are there any mayors in this country that wont stand for all this corruption?

  2. Reply
    Jack says:

    Gregg Hallett 2008 material shows that the Judge who triple sealed his evidence of the vast pedophile ring disguised as the NZ Government. And stopping his public conscienc3 Court qction innits tracks.That this Judge, no doubt highly instructed, considered the NZ Police Central in Wellington to be the pedophile minders as well as the Auckland City Council to be the pedophile minders and most “affected parties”. Whole the Auckland City Councils financial thievery and corruption would appear to know no ends, since Auckland City council Police were ordered to not attend serious child gang rape complaints. WHILE PRESUMABLY THEIR RELIGION OF CHILD GANG RAPE AND KILLING INCREASES IN SIZE. With Waiheke Island looking more and more like the place they keep the children for the Auckland City Pedophile market via International child sex trafficking shipping.

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