Mark Zuckerberg Admits Facebook was Designed for Pedophiles


Featured Image – Mark Zuckerberg, possibly the World’s biggest ever International pedophile enabler. 

Check it out….

Facebook has deleted the Palmy Creep Catchers Facebook page – along with all of the evidence of these filthy animals – and now hand picked 2-3 ‘top’ comments to go at the very top of a search – to give the illusion that nobody supported Palmy Creep Catchers. The 10’s of thousands of comments and likes supporting him, have all been removed.

This is how these lizard freaks control our minds. By dishonesty and deception.

A photo of a witch no less…..


If you have children in New Zealand – you SHOULD support the work of Palmy Creep Catchers.

Because there is now apparently an army of these filthy low lives out there, on ‘social’ media – trying to groom children. And they are being protected – and thus encouraged – by the NZ police and Government.

There is a very high chance that Connor would have gotten either a pedophile or Freemason judge, so will be banned from using the internet most likely, with all of his evidence confiscated and suppressed. This is what pedophiles do, they work together to cover up their crimes. Still no word from the town’s mayors either….


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