Pedophile Transgender Masonic Lizard Race – Legal System Updates


Featured Image – Dylan Cossey of Hamilton. Walks free after killing 4 people.

There is growing evidence that the New Zealand legal / eagle system – and indeed now the entire Nation – is being run by a small group of highly inbred pedophile transgender shape shifting lizard people – who all work together to protect themselves and cover up their rampant and lawless drug trafficking and pedophilia in our Nation. Not ‘white people’ we should stress….some sort of demonic inbred 13th tribe – they come in all sorts of colours these days. The synagogue of Satan in Biblical speak.

And this is the result….or at least one of the results. Check out how all of the various masonic government funded ‘experts’ all agree with each other… they piss all over the Nation’s laws and the people who fund it…Justice Anne HintonAUT Warren BrookbanksPhilip Morgan QC, University of Canterbury Dr Debra Wilson

Check out the University of Canterbury Law faculty on Google images. God help us. Is this some form of alien/ lizard/ masonic invasion? Where are they all coming from? Is there some sort of underground cloning centre in Israel??

Legal/ Eagle/ Nazi Phoenix / Phoenician/ Phonetics / Jew Disclaimer  – we have not said any of these people pictured are “running the Justice system”. If however they would like to claim that they are – please feel free to get in touch. 

Chief Justice Sian Elias has turned New Zealand into a Pedophiles Paradise – by Design

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    1. mediawhores says:

      yeah bro
      they pin facial hair on
      or grow a little bit of ball sack hair on the face then groom it each day. to impress the kids
      world gone fkg mad

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