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Media Whores is now apparently removed from Google altogether.

Presumably for exposing / insulting Mark Zuckerberg.

Google and Facebook are apparently the same company.

All apparently run from Israel – the entire internet – as Brendon O’Connell has well covered. By promoting and bribing pedos around the World. Operation Talpiot.

No word yet re Connor Bevins of Palmy Creep Catchers – wonder if these snake bastards are holding him in custody to await trial for the ‘digital harm’ of protecting our communities from pedophiles? Or worse? By law he should have been bailed the same day.

Check out this little intelligence operation posted on Youtube – they mix images of Connor with images of some redheaded stranger who had nothing to do with it. Do they plan to swap the identities of ‘The Palmy Creep catcher’? Or are they trying to confuse the identity of the red haired dude he busted in his last video? Or highlight the fact he was a redhead?

Did anyone else notice the obvious thing about the Palmy Creep Catchers work? Most of the people he busted were redheads. Almost all of them. Even that “54 year old man” video (the first to be deleted) was a redhead. We covered this, its a bloodline. Not all redheads of course, and not necessarily all of the ones that were exposed, but they were certainly over represented. Almost all of them where redheads trying to have sex with kids. Who recalls MP Darren Hughes? Who is the red head behind Jacinda Ardern? Perhaps her team would like to comment on the latest child abuse scandal cover up in NZ? And what about those two mayors? Are they both redheads also? Unsure about the cop – he has a hat on. Surely this would be a bit politically incorrect for only redheads to be pedoing in our communities?

This is probably a bit unfair on some of the other redheads we have featured though. As we have previously covered, it was a Persian/ Semetic snake that slept with Eve and created a snake DNA redhead bloodline, but there is still a normal redhead bloodline also. Presumably. You will know them by their deeds, not their hair colour. We would in no way wish to suggest they are all working together and part of the same Masonic plot to distract us all with bullshit while child abuse is being covered up …..but we would be interested in comment from some of these public figures. Some even say there is a little of that snake DNA in all of us. The trick is not to feed it. Anyone care to comment?

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The Tall Red Head ‘Homeless’ Jew who Runs the Meth on Auckland’s K Road


Caught a Weekend Herald or Stuff headline today in a cafe, along the lines of “36 Year Old Mother Given One Week to Live”. 3×6 =666. Someone should really tell her its a Jewish hoax and that if she ignores her masonic doctor she will most likely live.

If you listen to these doctors or these half truth priests, or even the news at all really – you are a fool – and they will eventually kill you. That is their job. If they didn’t kill, they would very quickly be out of work.

Popped into a Church one Sunday recently when passing by to get coffee – the Priest was discussing climate change and NASA, then put up images of crying children in the Middle East, then asked for donations. lol. No word on 911 being an inside job. Teaching pure anti-Christ……deceiving the flock.

An hour or two honoring the Sun each day will cure just about anything. You are supposed to stare straight at it when he is below 30 degrees in the sky. No UV. This is called Sun Gazing at Ra ie) Grazing. For the soul. Honoring your Father in Heaven. Even the birds and horses know this. We all used to, before they gave us all T.Vs and ‘programming’.

That Israel Folua story had some legs. The etymology of the name Israel Folau is Israel Fools. Fools in the Land of Israel. Masonic scripting by the Jewish / Phoenician Scribes at its very best. Many levels to it.

They wanted to get that message out there in public…and it is all quite true. All sacred/ universal truths are hidden in the Bible and in plain sight.

“Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. Corinthians 6:9-10 KJV.

It is not just about so called ‘homosexuality’, it is about anyone obsessed with sex, even people who jerk off (abusers of themselves with their ‘mankind’ lol), anyone who believes in NASA or any ‘modern day science’ at all really, or worships fake heros on Earth, such as sports stars, or Hollywood crap, and even those who sacrifice animals for food (yes, really – meat eating is masonic idol worship and nothing else. The dead animal diet is killing you slowly). The Jews are telling you, very few will make it. Like going through the eye of a needle. 144,000 living souls in total, they say, everyone else deceived by the snake.

There is actually a quote in the Bible that states that this is all the “fulfillment of the Jewish Religion”. Can’t find it on line, some may be familiar. One of Bob Marley’s lyrics says the same “Some say its just a part of it, we’ve got to fulfill the book”. The Jewish astrological prophecy – hidden in the Bible. All the World is a stage – its a light show – following a ‘script’/ scripture, which is the word of God, which is Astro Logos/ astrology. A big old giant clock on repeat, in the sky, mirrored below. As above, so below. Meet the Swiss time keepers/ watch makers……the guys who own everything, play with our words and worship ‘eL’….think ‘Jewellers’.

The Jewish religion – Judaism – is pure Astrology. Thus why they have their New Year in Aries, and gave us the Roman Calendar and April Fools Day instead. It was not a ‘Roman nose’ folks. The victor writes his-story.

They also have their Kabbalah (a word now also censored by Google, as it was being discussed too much – bit like the Palmy Creep Catchers…and Media Whores)…..and their Talmud.

Kabbalah is the occult science of the material World, made up of carbon 12, with its 6 protons, 6 electron and 6 neutrons, 666, along with eL/ light and electricity. Electricity/ light and carbon make up this material World, which we describe in words. Words and eL make up the World. Words given to us by these Phoenicians. Our phonetics. The spelling/ spells we are all under. The abcd’s, abracadabra. Kabba is the Cube and Alah is obviously Allah, light or electricity. Also sometimes called the “Lord” – Light from Ra, the Diety. We have stressed the need to watch the Santos Bonacci presentations if you want to be able to decode the matrix, you have to learn where these words and letters come from and what they mean. They come from Hebrew – which is ancient Phoenician. These Hebrew Phoenicians invented English – the language of Angels, or Angles of light. Its a light matrix.

Or just sit and watch the Sun each day. Even better. Direct from source.

The Talmud is their book of laws. Our MP’s and Judges swear an oath to “uphold the law”, but the oath of “allegiance” does not say “New Zealand laws”, it means Jewish Talmudic Law, which gives these Jews complete control over everything, under the Crown, a private corporation which they own, the Crown being Cronus, being Saturn being Satan. The time keeper and grim reaper, who owns your birth certificate and legal name, making you a slave for life, each time you sign/sin under God. Born in time, die in time. The 666. The ruler of this World. The Black Cube of Allah. The actual royals are just highly paid actors, but mostly also of the blood line.The so called House of David/ Saturn. With its Hexagram flag – the Hex – the curse over mankind.

And thus why we see never ending child abuse cover ups. The Jewish Talmud encourages sex with kids as young as 3 years old. Lose your virginity, lose your divinity. The Jews do not give a shit what sort of crime goes on among their Goy leaders, as long as they keep things running for them, collecting the taxes and building them things.

Check out this one, probably one of the most watched videos on the net, but only showing 2,200 views lol. The internet is just the latest Jewish hoax…..pure Masonic mind control, delivered via a little black cube you can carry in your pocket. iPhones are the new Bibles, but with child grooming apps included.

And they give us all – the so called Goy – their watered down Religions such as Christianity and Islam – and now a watered down internet also – to keep the sheep/ lamb of God all in line, as we are led to the slaughter, one by one, via the poisons in the food, chemicals in the water, toxic medications, fake diseases and on and on. All masonic bullshit they feed the Goy slaves.

And if all of that sounds very much inhuman. Rest assured they are not. Not at the top end of the scale at least. And if you know one of these demons – keep an eye on the teeth, tongue and eyes, and you will see them shape shifting also. Then keep an eye on your kids.


Masonic Serpent Cult / Worship through the ages -a good read here.

It is a Persian / Semitic snake bloodline behind them….

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  1. Reply
    Trample on snakes says:

    I am honestly not even slightly surprised by that previous article just sent

    But really????

    Literally encouraging kids to smoke meth

  2. Reply
    Lee says:

    The blue skunks, aka the local pigs, oink oink oink, in Taupo should be arrested, held without bail, interrogated by an imported Chinese specialist and put on notice as a cult and lunatic danger and criminal menace to the local children. What else are these Zionist masonic scumbags and dogsh*t ratbags are up to. Disguised as NZers, but just another filthy inbred offshoot of a Zionist Rothschild mafia ring.

    To actually have the filth in their demonic little mind form at work to say that “the palmy creep catcher” is a risk to local law enforcement. Local law enforcement obviously must be to let these pedophile kiddie killers reign supreme in the local Taupo area. Police let the pedophiles continue to have free reign in Taupo is the definition of local Taupo law enforcement, is a serious mafia and mental health problem that needs to be addressed.

    It is already known via Justin Davis that the local Taupo medical fraternity gets rid of evidence and even disguises the identity of its pedophile medical workers. Who obviously just need the local blue skunks aka demonic pigs to be in their pocket and part of their sadistic kiddie gang raping fraternity, to get away with whatever they want to do.

    As the homosexual creation capital of NZ via the pack raping of little boys and totally wrecking and perverting their minds and the most important connection to their child self. For so called health care workers to try and remedy later on, after harming others and a killing or two. As previously mentioned every pedophile can create an infestation in the region of another 4000 of them over 30 years, as the numbers keep on doubling up.

    Madelaine Albright, an ex USA secretary of state, was mentioned by Gregg Hallett as being the person behind the “murder” by Helen Clark and Phil Goff of the NZer, Chris Beazley. Chris Beazley at extreme risk to himself got the Shah of Iran out in a roll of persian carpet. Then this madam Albright wanted to get back into bed with Iran, and to do this she ordered the killing of Chris Beazley. This Madelaine “murder” Albright has just got on her high horse and written a book warning about Fascism. Looks like another Zionist PR campaign, they love writing books as part of their PR tools. She should be permanently in jail, not writing books.

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