Palmy Creep Catcher Connor Bevins Banned from Internet for Exposing Homosexual Pedophiles


Featured Image – Judge Lance Rowe. Apparently funded by you to protect pedophiles in our communities. Freemason? 


“First they came for the Creep Catchers…..then they set up the Israeli State and continued with their plans for world wide anal domination….with better technology”

Well well well….

Fascism has well and truly arrived to the shores of New Zealand.

It is apparently in fact homosexual fascism.

Or better put, homosexual pedophile fascism. You are not allowed to criticize them, nor expose them. It is now against the law…..

Palmy Creep Catcher Connor Bevins has been banned from using the internet for uploading video evidence – as well as chat logs – of mostly homosexual adult men, some of them in their 60’s, trying to make sex dates with what they believed were underage kids, some as young as 12 years old, across Palmerston North and Taupo. Those two towns are apparently riddled with them…….

Keep in mind that in making this ruling, Judge Lance Rowe not only appears to be protecting these pedophiles, but also removing Connor Bevins’ right to freedom of speech.

He has been charged with causing “digital harm” to these pedophiles, placed under strict bail conditions, including being banned from using the internet altogether. Judge Lance Rowe has of course also suppressed the names of the homosexual pedophiles, so that they are ‘protected’ from further ‘harm’…..and now of course free to go on offending and seeking out more child victims in our communities, if they so choose.

It seems Bevins has been banned from using these little 3 dimensional, 6 sided black cubes…..666, and can no longer carry out his trade on them………that trade being to expose pedophiles….

“And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark — the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and that number is six hundred sixty-six.…” Rev 13. 13 indeed. The 13th Tribe of Levi/ Evil………666

Isn’t this astounding.

Truly astounding.

The police have not investigated any of the pedophiles as far as we are aware, despite having all of the evidence. And instead, Bevins was arrested (was he also held in custody for 4-5 days??) and is now the ‘alleged’ criminal.

Truly astounding.

Well, that is where we are at folks. The masonic justice system is now arresting people who expose pedophiles in our communities and charging them with ‘digital’ harm, while not only refusing to investigate the actual pedophiles, but seizing all of the evidence against them…and ‘suppressing it’, for the protection of those pedophiles, then banning people from using the internet altogether.

Dear God.

You will know them by their deeds.

Children are apparently no longer protected from sex offenders in our communities, by the very people we fund to do so. That is the message Judge Lance Rowe has today sent out to the Nation. He should of course be arrested himself now and put on trial for treason, and inciting pedophilia.

Le$t we forgot……Every honest Kiwi has a duty to walk away from this people. They are running the councils and schools for Christ’s sake. An infestation of snakes.



Hitler was a Jewish Transvestite Freemason

Angela Merkel is Hitler’s Daughter

Adolf Hitler – the Founding Father of Israel

Chief Justice Sian Elias has turned New Zealand into a Pedophiles Paradise – by Design


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7 thoughts on “Palmy Creep Catcher Connor Bevins Banned from Internet for Exposing Homosexual Pedophiles”

  1. Trample on snakes says:

    here is another alleged pedofile protector who has been said to work very closely with the majority of Judges in NZ -Barbara bucket. Someone earlier shared a link about her on Facebook saying she is another one that works to protect her pedofile lawyer friends while pretending to give a shit about the way lawyers behave.

  2. Jack says:

    The Palmyra Creep catcher case would be a good one to take all the way to the Supreme Court and Judicial review. Tell him, not appeal the decision and have the appeal put on the Web.

    What is Hillary Clinton who is connected to the criminal bankers on the Earth along with Barrack Obama, as best mates, who is also the bankster John Key, doing coming to New Zealand.? There is a snuff video of her and her female assistant , where they fillet a little girls face off, and wear it, while the little girl can still see, as they have not yet cut out her eyes. This is the stuff these people or demons do to children to get the most fear out of them and then bleed them out and drink the blood. His video is real. This witch from hell and Obama and Key have much darker stuff up their sleeves than can be imagined.

    ………what our local transvestites got up to in their London visit. Gaylords backside must nearly be due for a…….

  3. The same thing is happening in Canada at the moment, people exposing this filth themselves are being targeted by the filth at the top, meanwhile Transgenda Ardern and Justin Fakedick canoodle for the cameras while Jews and Turks continue to harvest the organs of orphaned live Syrian children! The link to the vid has been said by snopes to be fake, then why the need for a catch pan under the little girl?
    If someone hurt my children I to would be described as an extremist insurgent!

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