Opps, Almost Forgot……


Featured Image – NATO and US soldiers protecting opium crops for the drug barons in the new heroin farm of the World – Afghanistan.

Lest we forget.

Le$t we forget.

Let$ we forget.

People put so much faith in these words, so proud they are of their educations, grammar and vocabulary.

Yet blissfully unaware of what they really mean.

Let we all forget as we worship $nakes instead.

Never ending wars since wwii. And continued NZ support for the wars and ethic cleansing in the middle east since 911 – a staged false flag event.


Its actually a holiday for Jewish Passover – they just can’t tell you. Thus all the heroin symbolism and communist red.

You are supposed to trample on snakes, so as to protect your families and communities, not worship them as your Gods. The false idols. A never ending stream of sodomites and transgenders now in the media and in politics. Trannies on the front of every women’s magazine cover, in every supermarket and dairy. Take a look at the size of Jacinda Ardern’s hands below. It is a man. A beast, in a skirt. And it’s boyfriend is allegedly a sodomite drug addict. And we apparently now have swarms of pedos operating openly in our communities, with the full protection of the judiciary.

False Image – Pharaoh – Fashion is for Fa Pha Fa….Fools. And David Farrar.

Then one day per year, we all buy a Chinese made poppy – and ‘honor’ those who died for our ‘freedoms’.

Maybe we all need to try a little harder?

Watch the tongue……

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