The Cure for Cancer, AIDS, Arthritis, Alzheimers..& Common Cold


Featured Image – Moringa, just one of many natural cures for a wide range of common diseases.

The videos below explain the CURE for every disease known to man. Or at least every disease known to modern day medicine (medi-sin).

There is in fact only one disease known to mankind, but the medicine industry/ business has skillfully divided it up into 10,000 other names, each with their own treatment to sell you, but never an actual cure….because they are a bunch of filthy criminals.

Well below is the cure.

The actual disease (dis-ease) is quite simply mucus. Excessive mucus in the body and cells, caused by poisoned and acidic blood. Excessive mucus in the throat is called Glandular Fever. Excessive mucus in the lungs is called Pneumonia. Excessive mucus in the brain is called Alzheimer or Parkinsons (depending where in the brain).  Excessive mucus in the stomach is sometimes called stomach cancer. Excessive mucus in the liver is called liver cancer…….and on and on. You get the idea.

The only disease the human body can suffer from, is an excess of mucus, caused by acidic blood, which in turn is caused by what you consume. If you consume nothing at all, which is called fasting, this will most likely solve the problem. Or if you consume a large majority of living/ electric/ alkalized foods, that will also most likely solve the problem. Its the same for blacks, whites and yellows…..but probably not so for the lizards/ greens (they need blood).

Every disease – cured. Human beings are NOT supposed to get sick. That is a masonic lie.

The entire modern day medi-sin and medi-kill industry is a hoax. And a very profitable one.

Get your diet right folks. Get off the processed foods and masonic blood sacrifice. This is the only revolution that needs to be had…People freeing themselves by their own choices.

Dr Sebi, Santos Bonacci, and a very good one on Candida and sugar….but all saying the same thing – acidic / poisoned blood, caused by bad diets and resulting parasites, leading to mucus. If you alkalize, and balance the 12 cell salts….salvation. Dr Sebi gets a little tribal on it at times, but we all have the same anatomy – Adams and Eves – and the cure is of course the same. Ignore the tribalism…..white and black healers all say the same thing…….just cure yourself instead.

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    Trample on snakes says:

    Learnt today about Magnesium Stearate. Fk that shit is pure toxic, it literally acts to protect the eggs of parasites and candida and feeds it too.

    Most (not all thankfully) Supplements contain this crap. The same way they get people with fluoride (calcium/sodium)
    they are getting with Magnesium and no doubt a load of other things too with a slight modification of the name.

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    Trample on snakes says:

    Additives to avoid

    Posted by green trading on 18th Mar 2016

    Avoid below Additives especially for children



    Preservatives and examples of food types they are in :

    Sorbates – Cheese and cheese based products dips, drinks


    Bensoates – soft drinks and cordials


    Suphites – dried fruits, cardials, juices and processed meats.


    Nitrajes – cured & processed meats (ham, bacon,hotdogs) prohibited for use in food for infants.


    Proprionates – bread and bakery products


    Artificial Flavours – All they dont have numbers

    Flavour Enhancers

    620-625 Glutames inc MSG, 627 Disodium Guanylate , 631 Disodium Insinate, 635 Ribonucleotides , Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein (HVP)

    Artifical Sweeteners



    Hydrogenated or Trans Fats

    Antioxidants- often in oils




    Anti-caking agents/Emulsifiers




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