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“The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes” – Benjamin Disraeli

For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. – Luke 8:17


There is now an avalanche of content coming out about gang stalking.

Living beings across the World are waking up to the fact that the way this World is run is not what it seems.

Presumably, this is just the start of this revealing and everything will soon by laid out bare.

Media Whores has covered our own gang stalking a few times. We also know of a few other people in NZ experiencing the same thing. Its an incredible thing to witness and go through as you start to release just how many people in our communities and Nations are involved.

Folks might recall a few years back when Media Works were promoting a ‘smart’ phone game by the name of Pokemon Go which encouraged players to seek out targets across our towns and cities. These gang stalkers are using something similar if not that actual technology to track political targets, anyone who starts waking up essentially. Which is of course highly illegal – the coordinated stalking that is. Waking up is your birth right.

The problem is that this same gang run our Government and justice system so the practice continues unrestrained. This is of course the same justice system that appears to be seeking to legalize pedophilia on May 15th when the Palmy Creep Catcher goes to court before Judge Lance Rowe, by removing the lawful right for Kiwis to expose pedophiles in our neighborhoods. That’s how these folks roll and pedophilia seems to be what they feed upon – the blood of human children so to speak. Virgin blood.

Those still on the starchy / sugar/ processed and dead animal diets struggle to comprehend this and have been conditioned to refer to such talk as “conspiracy theories”, even as they are vaccinated with mercury and genetically modified monkey cells, and murdered with other fake medicines and cancer treatments….like lamb to the slaughter. The food supply is now mostly dead, as are the shopping malls and these ‘trendy’ masonic towns……very trendy, but dead on the inside. Same as the people that build them.

They do appear to follow a set of rules though these ‘people’. As far as we can tell they are answerable to a higher power also, just as we all are. We are provided with a guide book to follow, and when we choose to break ‘God’s Law’ – or simply the Universal Laws – then we are fair game ourselves.’ Do not kill’ and do not consume the blood being two obvious ones. We have been deceived ‘by the snake’ into killing, thus breaking God’s law. and thus they can kill us also. They feed us beef and lamb, then feed off our souls and childrens’ souls. That is how it works. They actually refer to us as ‘carcass crunchers’. Breaking such laws keeps us all trapped down on this plane, among these lizard folk… fact reincarnating over and over……

That is the biggest secret folks. It is all about the blood. The life force. And these masons have you breaking all of the rules. Using advertising, media and mind control. Try going a whole day without seeing a KFC or MacDonald’s ad for one.

Take a look at these aerial images below of some well known cities overseas. Giant masonic designs built into all of them. This is the ‘lizard people’ that live in your towns and communities at work. When they say they need a new motorway or bypass, or museum or conference centre, funded by you…….rest assured that the final design and location has NOTHING to do with community need and everything to do with masonic snake/lizard God worship….temples to the Red Dragon if you will. Our cities will all be the same, but Google seem to be now reducing the focus on their aerial images so you cannot study it. Rolleston outside of Christchurch is one example, giant masonic pyramids being etched out on the land. You are the slaves that build these temples and designs for your lizard masters, either directly or with your tax money, and they feed you never ending lies and poisons, before eventually killing you off with their fake medicines and diseases. Human farming, from birth certificate…to death certificate. Born into slavery. Apparently we used to build giant Zodiac gardens, and now we build giant pentagrams……

Media Whores started to wake up to all of this some time back and has been stalked ever since. They do not seem to try and touch you though – there seems to be a set of rules as we said – what they do instead is try and deceive you…..bring you back in…..or back down would be a better description.

Thinking back now we can recall many many times in our life where this has been going on. Like the time we got a puppy, then the dog next door suddenly went missing, then it was claimed showed up dead in our front yard a few days later, although nobody ever saw it or could explain how it got inside the fence, but making us paranoid enough to put the puppy back on Facebook in case he got hurt also. Moving into a new address somewhere and by the end of the week, 3 more street lights have suddenly been put up on the street outside, lighting up the entire property at night time. People walking around in circles for hours outside with night lights strapped on their heads – we shit you not. Government funded/ subsidized psychiatrists being introduced somehow then subtly trying to get your attention through work contacts etc. The endless fake parking tickets and speeding fines. All 5 cars behind you pulling into a rest area when you stop suddenly. And many many more, some of which we have previously detailed. Hookers being sent in. Drug dealers showing up in the middle of nowhere etc. In fact Media Whores is at a stage now where we believe our family was deliberately split up many years ago by design also. Agents sent in. Many businesses we have set up over the years have also been quickly infiltrated and destroyed by these Sayanim, before you grow too big or powerful…and the actual ideas stolen. This type of stuff is happening to Kiwis all of the time. They are sent in to trip you up. They do everything they can to try and make you doubt yourself, or go running for some kind of help….into the arms of a church or shrink etc. Or just the drugs and booze.

We have recently noticed that one of these masonic spies has set up a website by the name of, with the first article being one about “fake news” lol. You low life – Farah Iqbal (working for Pharaoh presumably – if not David Farrar using a fake name ). This website will eventually become the “Media Whore” that people used to talk about, should we ever fall into one of the pedophile lizards’ traps….They are constantly conspiring around us like this….to all of us in fact…….all of the time. It is a system of human farming that they run. You are not allowed to run free.


As we have mentioned, we believe the people who are targeted have certain astrological traits that these lizard people deem to be a threat to them. It could be a perfect trine, or perhaps something to do with a well positioned Leo in the chart – the real Tribe of Juda. Perhaps just good old Mars in Taurus. And they know all of this from your birth certificate, which the Crown steals from you at birth.

But even if you are not specifically targeted – rest assured you are group targeted anyway. Via taxes, rates, the highly organized Masonic child abuse in the schools and churches, the swarm of masons now sexually grooming children via the internet, the vaccines, the toxic additives now added to all of your foods, digging up the road along your street for no apparent reason, creating the excuse to add chlorine to your water supply, and of course via the masonic media everyday with their never ending stream of complete bullshit to keep you in fear and discourage you from ever looking behind the curtain or asking any serious questions about life – such as why the oceans are all flat on the horizon or how come you can see ships 30km’s off shore on a so called ‘ball’ Earth?

This guy below seems to be an expert on gang stalking  – now helping others also……

Car lights on in the middle of the day. Flashing lights or indicators as they drive past. Watch as the first black car reappears around the corner a few minutes later. These masons even use colour coding depending on what your birth chart is predicting / telling them for that particular day. Seriously, it goes that deep. The top ones are not human beings, they just look like us. Their foot soldiers are just the local pedo ring and a fairly inept bunch. Media Whores has hours of this footage, but more full on………but we need a quiet week sometime to put it all together……wouldn’t want to include any of the wrong people.

Gang Stalked in New Zealand for Exposing Homosexual Child Abusers

Gang Stalked for Exposing the Pedophile Lizards

3 Stages of gang stalking : Confusion Stage , Distraction Stage , Sensitization stage


Published on Mar 4, 2018

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Anthony Gwin
I used to say the world is upside down during my confusion stage


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8 thoughts on “Gang Stalking Updates….”

  1. Harry the Dog says:

    All well and good but its all a bit circular isn’t it? I mean supposedly the deep state is harassing this poor lass, but meanwhile she’s an ‘activist’ supporting all the batshit crazy causes dreamt up by Soros and all the other high priests of the very same deep state. And it’s not as if any anti-spy legislation was ever in any danger of getting passed here either, Pinch of salt.

  2. Trample on snakes says:

    What a joke getting the police involved to try cover his ass and trying to go offtrack. We all know what the allegations are.

  3. Anna Annunaki says:

    Check out Internet Party Leader Suzy Dawson’s You Tube video titled ‘A Person of Interest’
    She was a Targeted Individual, was Gang-Stalked, Gas-lighted, and suffered Street Theatre to the point of having her home damaged, car run off the road with her children in it, etc.
    She now lives in Russia, having left New Zealand fearing for her life.
    This was all done when the Nazional Party was in power recently.
    The Internet Party has an ANTI-Spy Bill written and ready to submit, but who will do this?
    Jacinda has yet to speak about Suzie Dawson’s situation, and the harassment she & her children endured…
    let alone discuss over-turning John Key’s Spying Laws!!

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