Breaking – All Blacks Gone Gay


Featured Image – Richie McCaw...some say the man who led the charge….we will spare you all of the comments we have received. You can search “McCaw” in our search bar above if interested. 

Well, it was only a matter of time…..must be near end of days….

The All Blacks have ‘fallen’ – into Sodom and Gomorrah.

All Blacks…gone gay.

Celebrating homosexuality. The number one cause of which is child abuse. Our time honored World champion sports team now flying the flag for child abuse.

Dear oh dear.

And all made possible via the money supply, run by ‘elite’ transgenders.

Hardly democratic.

It is in fact….homosexual corporate fascism.

On the positive side, there is probably now a huge opportunity open for someone to create a non-gay rugby league. Eric Watson and Bendon underwear could run the gay one, and someone start a new non gay one. So people can at least have a choice. Media Whores would quite like to see a chain of non gay gyms also come to think of it. We have womens’ only gyms for girls who don’t want men ogling at them, so why not straight male only gyms? The changing rooms have become no go areas for many Kiwi gym goers these days….now turned into some kind of Grinder dating spas. Hey, each to their own, but surely Kiwi men deserve the choice also.

No comment from the Israeli Ambassador, the man said by some to be running our Nation for us……although he does have a very nice rainbow tie.

Noticed Mr E’s Youtube channel was deleted recently also – for exposing the elite transgenders……there will be no questioning the Elohim and their sodomy thank you very much….

This homosexual transgender a-genda is being aided by the vaccines and additives in the foods also – not to mention all of the plastic food wrapping and containers….messing with people’s hormones…by design. Get off the processed foods….now.

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6 thoughts on “Breaking – All Blacks Gone Gay”

  1. Anti-mason says:

    See Sam cane had ‘succesful surgery’ after breaking his neck … every big named All black has some form of surgery after an ‘injury’. I think its fair to say you have to be gay or a tranny to wear the Black jersey.

    1. mediawhores says:

      half truths bro
      all fornicators
      even dead animal eaters.
      there is only 144,000
      if he really wants to help he should share bible diet quotes and tell everyone to get off their meds 🙂

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