MW Weekend Business – Will ANZ be the First Big Bank to Collapse?



Those paying attention would have noticed the news stories about problems – or potential problems- at the big banks – again.

The agenda seems to be to stage another financial crisis and collapse them all at some stage, in order to put the entire financial system online, with the likes of Bitcoin and Paypal, and run from Israel…so that all of humanity can be better tracked.

Media Whores has been informed that ANZ Bank have been running fee scams, essentially stealing money off their customers, which could be the first sign of problems….or even the final sign of problems.

Our advice to all ANZ account holders is take a cautious approach.

The best time to do this is probably right now. Before the banks open on Monday. If you can do so online.

We would suggest moving at least 50% of your funds to another account. Ideally a smaller NZ based and owned bank, or an  investment fund. Keep in mind that if your investment fund banks with one of the big NZ banks, it is still not safe. Should the shit hit the fan. And also that if this problem is truly global, overseas funds will be the first to go. A small NZ owned and operated bank is the best bet. That or cash, silver and gold. Maybe pop down and get the max in cash….no one likes to wake up with no money.

Not saying we know for a fact that it will….very soon….but maybe best to be cautious.

And ANZ has come to our attention specifically.



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4 thoughts on “MW Weekend Business – Will ANZ be the First Big Bank to Collapse?”

  1. Anna Annunaki says:

    Isn’t John Key heading up the ANZ Bank nowadays?
    Isn’t that why he left the job as PM? Or, did he jump ship to leave Bill English holding the bag of a massive Political Party failure, known as the Nazional Party?
    Isn’t it also interesting that he also sit on the Air NZ Board as well???
    Perhaps this is to foment restrictions to air travel for those with low social and economic credit.

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