The Nano Tech Fibers in the Processed Foods….


Featured Image – the psychopath PhD’s and food companies are even admitting doing this…


“Wide spread use of cancer causing nano tech fibers in New Zealand foods” – see third video below….Almost ALL of your processed foods and drinks now.  Also in many shampoos, deodorants and even toothpaste. The corporations are murdering you.

Hands up who has noticed just how ugly people are getting these days? Half the population are obese or seem to have some kind of sickness. Half are on medications of some type, and many can no longer walk in a straight line. Even the new age ‘liberals’ look like they come from a Peter Jackson movie set via a hair salon. It is ugliness gone wild…on a biblical scale.

Truth is human beings are not supposed to get sick at all. If you are sick, you are doing it wrong. Listening to your psychotic doctor and the corporate media for starters…..

Media Whores remembers growing up that pretty much everyone was beautiful. Human beings are all born beautiful – it doesn’t matter if you have a large nose, big ears, short, plump, etc. Human beauty comes from the light inside. And it is this light that is being extinguished…….via the now toxic food supply… well as the medications and vaccines.

The ruling pedo lizard/snake people are all naturally very ugly…they are born that way…its the snake DNA. And they want you to be the same, so they can fit in and feel better about themselves. They want to destroy your beauty, because they hate it. They spend thousands every month on make ups, hairdos and fag fashions just to try and not look ugly, often even transgendering themselves as some sort of last desperate measure, while poisoning all of us at the same time…….that is how ugly and desperate they are. They are born that way…you are not.

Folks, it is really, really important that you get off ALL types of processed foods…and stop feeding it to your kids. Processed foods includes things like white sugar, white rice, most breads if not all breads, even Fonterra milk. Anything that has been processed at all. The human body doesn’t need milk anyway, you are not a fkg cow are you? Go check in the mirror if in doubt.

Only raw/ natural and homemade food is healthy and safe. As it has always been.

20 years with all of these food additives and half the population look like Peter Jackson movie extras. Its tragic…and totally unnecessary.

All of those food additives you see on the labels are designed to attack your organ and brain chemistry. They shut down the brain, causing stupidity, and they shut down the organs causing all sorts of disease (mucus) and obesity.

And its worse than that now – they are even putting nano fibers in the processed and fast foods, which enables these satanic corporates (and the shape shifting lizard people that own and control them) to quite literally control your health and emotions remotely using sound and light frequency technology, most likely through various smart phone app back doors and even your smart TV and smart meter. Along with the Haarp technology the can now fry entire neighborhoods in their sleep, if your immune system is down, due to your diet.

Hey but don’t worry – at least we all now have Jacinda Ardern, gay rights, strict environment laws, health and safety, and are all so liberal. The government loves us surely?

Think again. Switch off the sodomite media whores, you are under mind control……the government and corporations are the same thing – now run by a loose collection of kiddie fiddlers with name suppression by any serious analysis – and they are mass murdering you, and mostly with your consent.

So you must withdraw your consent…and the best way? Get your diet right.

If you eat at MacDonalds, KFC, Burger King etc – you are totally insane. In fact you can chuck in every other large food chain, even Subway is full of additives and toxins, as well as most large well known restaurant chains……Hell’s Pizza, Burger Fuel etc. The food additives are killing you and they all use additive laced foods and/or sauces.

They are mass murdering us by stealth and if you go anywhere near the processed foods or food with any of these preservatives and additives in them – you are insane. You are in fact suicidal.

Find the nearest Organics store and fruit and vege shop. That is all you need. Real food. Actually you need to be careful in most ‘organic’ stores also – again avoid the processed crap. Try spending $100 in an organic store or even at the supermarket but walk away with ZERO additives in your food basket. That is the challenge. Learn to enjoy that food. If your stomach groans at you, well it is actually telling you that it is over sized and stretched and is shrinking back to its normal size. You do not have to starve yourself though – in fact you can eat like a pig all day for starters if you must. Just get off the additives and toxins. Only natural food. …and as much raw as possible. Eventually you will find that your food cravings dissipate and you need less of it – precisely because it is real food.

We have previously also mentioned what they are doing with the meats these days, especially the processed meats. Meat is now their primary poison delivery vehicle…full of vaccines, gmo feeds, then additives and colours added for good measure. Totally toxic.

We have also covered the so called “Natural Flavours” – hidden in many drinks these days. There is evidence from overseas that these may contain the HEK293 aborted human feutus proteins. Look it up. Turning you into a cannibal. A demon.

Anything with artificial sweeteners is essentially Aspartame under another name – which is in fact e coli feces. And it is far worse than actual sugar. Liberals drink diet coke, and they are retarded.

Essentially the objective is to ‘cleanse the Earth’ of the ‘useless eaters’ for their lizard God or Satan or whatever it is they worship….and only leave ugly sick people, so they can all feel superior and pretend to be the leaders. Their primary tool to achieve all of this is all of their fake science…and fake ‘experts’ with their fake masonic qualifications. A bunch of murderous lunatics posing as science and authority. As we are learning, many of them are in fact child sex offenders. Go and take a look at your local council or university staff pages….it is ugliness on a Biblical scale. Something has gone seriously wrong in the matrix.

If you want to be ‘cleansed’ – then just go ahead and keep buying the processed foods and drinks and eating at the fast food and big restaurant chains. That includes almost everything in the petrol stations, almost everything in the convenience stores, and 95% of food in the supermarkets – all designed to slowly kill you. If on the other hand you fancy a long and healthy life….eat raw.

The choice is yours.

You need to retrain your guts. By eating real / raw/ Ra food only. Food with light in it.

Doing so is the most hugely rewarding thing you can do.


Check out this info below – they are causing sickness and ill-health which opens the human body up to demonic possession. ……and then eventually death. An awful way to go. Choose life live raw…..and never get sick…..Its that simple.

You can of course enjoy some non healthy things as well – once you get your core diet right – you will get away with some extravagances.

Is Youtube blocking that first one? Its the best one…watch it!!


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4 thoughts on “The Nano Tech Fibers in the Processed Foods….”

  1. Sham says:

    These statistics are disgusting. New Zealanders think we are known for our rugby team and our ‘unique’ place in the world. It appears that overseas we are actually known as a country that has major health issues within our system and we are known for bowel cancer rates.

    its only increased every year since.

    Candida/mucus caused by those chemicals that have their own numbers on the back of packaged ‘food’ as well as sugar and all the other fake shit disguised as “food”

  2. Trample on snakes says:

    Thats insane bro .. yet so many people don’t care about what they’re actually putting in their bodies. I find that a lot of these obese/overweight/ignorant people who LOVE their fast ‘food’ are the same type of people that will tell you that smoking Weed and critical thinkers are dangerous. You are so right bro, people are getting uglier sadly, inside and out :/ but at least there are genuine beautiful people still out there who haven’t been sucked in.

    Have you ever seen worldometers? I don’t know how accurate it is but it must surely have some truth?

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