Mark Zuckerberg Launches ‘I am also a Human Being” Campaign…


Featured Image – Mark Zuckerberg / Cyberg – shares a joke with some ‘liberal’ new age tech ‘followers’…..jagged lizard like teeth all round……..and always those black rimmed reading glasses. Have you learned the code yet? Subtle X’s on the black hat & top…Saturn the Destroyer…XXX/ 666. The Black Cube. The Pirates & another X. Skull and X bones. Elfry = El / Saturn/ Satan is frying your brains on Facebook. And one obvious masonic hand signal. Beware the ‘Liberals’. Watch the Santos Bonacci videos if you want to see the matrix. Symbols & signs rule the world…..and Lizards….


As doubt grows around the human slave population of planet Earth as to whether our new tech Gods are actually even human beings, or indeed shape shifting alien lizards working for the Israeli State as they take over the World using computers, it seems Mark Zuckerberg’s team are firing back with an online campaign aimed at convincing the humans that he is a human also…..

See first video below.

Media Whores is also reaching out to Jewish owned Media Works’ resident tech liberal Aziz Alsaafin for further comment. Aziz is also a downtrodden refugee with a funny name and therefore very much politically correct and unquestionably qualified. Aziz is pictured below with the redhead Mark Sainsbury (sporting a lizard on his T Shirt)who is rumoured to be into snorting cocaine off young hooker’s bottoms, but denies perving at the kids in the primary schools………Also  with Jacinda Ardern who we have previously suggested may actually be Peter Thiel (another Jewish tech billionaire) dressed in drag…check out those big old man hands on it. We ask, if Zuckerberg just keeps on dressing up in bright non threatening T’s and shirts, perhaps the human slaves will never notice that his teeth are shape shifting, or that he could be either male or female and possibly even hundreds of years older than he claims to be? Or perhaps a new artificial intelligence algorithm could be used to simply wipe the human slaves memory of such questions altogether?

Or perhaps if we weren’t all so busy being ‘entertained’ by these fun loving foreign liberals and their new technology, we could actually all agree to investigate some of the never ending child abuse scandals in New Zealand instead???

Palmy Creep Catcher Connor Bevins Banned from Internet for Exposing Homosexual Pedophiles

#TheyLive #TheyLive #TheyLive #TheyLive….repeat….#TheyLive……



Published on Jun 4, 2017


This footage shows a face distortion, a holographic anomaly of Miss Alabama, Katerine Webb… Reptoids are exposed by cameras… Reptilians use liquid crystal holographic technology. Hybrids and Clones have been placed in strategic places to accomplish the NWO Agenda. Wake Up! The Reptilians is a greatly misunderstood race due to our limitations in understanding. The Reptilian Collective consists of several branches. 1) Reptilian: (Pure DNA). 2) Reptoid: (Human- Reptilian Hybrid). 3) Reptilian Hybrid: (Non-Human – Reptilian Hybrid). 4) Draconian: Similar to the original Reptilians, but they’re physical. This is an amazing liquid crystal failure on HD! Reptilians use Liquid Crystal Holographic Technology to hide their real form… OPEN YOUR MIND!!! THEY operate at a lower frequency, in which our human senses can’t reach… CONDEMNATION WITHOUT INVESTIGATION IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF IGNORANCE. They Live! ACCEPT LORD CHRIST AS YOUR SAVIOR. LOVE- PEACE – LIGHT – ABUNDANCE -HARMONY – LIBERTY. By Marinodelfino. London, June 2017.


This woman is NOT ugly… These are just video anomalies…. it happens…


Astro ARA
I have a question. How do You find all this anomalies? I never see anything like this watching main streem media TV. Its serious questions. Do you have some special …i do not know..special technique 🙂 some special equipment?. I wanna see them also… Regards and all the best for You


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