Is the Cervical Screaning/ Smear Test Part of the Human Cloning Program?


Featured Image – NZ Government advertisements for cervical smear testing.

Folks, it is really important that you stay away from these psychotic medi-kill professionals…the doctors and pharmacists/ Pharisees. They are pure evil.

They are little more that highly paid serial killers. Mass murderers disguised in high fashion…hiding behind fake science.

An entire generation are standing by and watching as their parents and grandparents are slowly murdered by their doctor and pharmacist….because the pedophiles in their government and on their TVs told them it was ‘advanced science’ and the best option.

Science is the perversion of human Conscience by the $nake. $cience.

Stop getting their advice. Stop handing over your money and your body parts and your bodily fluids. Stop giving them your blood. Stop giving them your eggs. Stop handing over your sperm to Rothschild sponsored hookers in little rubber bags. It is a business they are running…and that business is the death business. The day they actually heal or cure someone, is the very day they will have to go find a real job.

And the human cloning business also apparently. Murdering you, then using your body parts and fluids to clone more of them.

Where do you think all the blood we donate goes? And all of the organs from the organ donors? Are they taking female eggs when they do that smear test? Do they schedule the test in line with your period?

The human being does not get sick – nor do any other of God’s creations – if you live naturally.  Nature provides all 12 cell salts that your body needs, in season, year after year. You do not need Panadol from Pandora’s Box … need to detox for a few days with some green tea or lemon and honey. Flush out all the toxic chemicals.

These medi-kill psychopaths have invented 10,000 new diseases since we all lost WWII, along with 10,0000 new treatments…and they are yet to cure anyone. Human health just keeps getting worse, and the serial killers’ holiday homes keep getting bigger. Stop funding them.

It is a mass murder machine that they run, via the medi-kill centres, medi-sins and Rothschild military hospitals.

Modern day pharmacists and health professionals need to be chased up trees, not paid money for advice. They are witches and snakes. Mass murderers. Chase them out of your communities, for your own safety. Thou shalt not worship snakes. Start trampling on them. They have been killing your relatives, for money.

The human organism is the most advanced invention on this planet, your organs work as their own pharmacy and continuously clean the body…..all you have to do is feed it organic. Naturally.

The birds do not get sick, the rabbits do not get sick, sheep do not get sick, dogs do not get sick……unless you start vaccinating them or feeding them chemicals, which most people are via the pet foods – killing their pets slowly, more money for the vets. They don’t need vets, they need raw/ clean food.

Remove all of the chemicals from your food…….and your body will keep you healthy also, until the day you finally pass ON peacefully in your sleep.

The leaked Justin Davis Files also makes it clear we have a small army of these pharmacists and medi-kill doctors now drugging and raping children in our communities. They are psychopaths, pedophiles and drug addicts. Until the Justin Davis Files are investigated – you need to start with the presumption that your doctor and/or pharmacist is a serial pedophile and date raper – for your own safety.

The trick to good health is two fold – eat naturally…and avoid the psychotic medi-kill doctors and their med-sins…..they are snakes and witches. Pure evil.

Small note on Dr Sebi below – he gets side tracked with his tribalism and race based comments at times – the human anatomy is the same across all 12 Tribes of Israel. It is only the 13th Tribe with their snake DNA that need the blood. Dr Sebi has missed the fact that white men are also slaves to these blood drinking lizards……Santos Bonacci gets that bit right in his videos on the cell salts.

Ezekiel 47:12

Rev 22:2

Luke 10:19

Isaiah:11:6-9 KJV

Another of these redhead shape shifting snakes below….selling aborted baby fetuses……

We are not living in Kansas folks……

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