Dead Dogs


Featured Image – sorry Linda, looks like you got chosen. By Google images at least. If a real photo and real dog, quite an effort though. 


Watched a dog die last night.

Sat next to him on the side of the road as he died.

Drove around a bend around 8 or 9pm and saw a vehicle on the other side of the road swerve to the side, then saw a large Alsatian cross type dog lying in the middle of our lane, with his head up looking at our headlights in panic.

Swerved to the right and missed him, then pulled over ahead and went back.

The dog was lying there panting slowly. Blood dripping from his smashed up jaw. He pulled himself upright but the back legs were at right angle degrees. The dog looked at ‘us’ sideways as if to ask for help.

Slow painful gasps of breath as the blood gathered on his front paws and the pavement in front of him.

The passenger of the late model SUV that had hit him came over in a bit of a panic and making a fuss. His obese looking wife (the driver) still sitting in the drivers seat yelling out to him. She never bothered to actually get out of the vehicle to see what she had done.

“Call 111 and get the local police, they will know a vet” – ‘we’ yelled at her.

Got back in our vehicle and reversed up around the dog to the other side and put the emergency lights on to warn any on coming traffic.

Went back to the dog and he was trying to pull himself up, trying to get off the road and no doubt get back home to safety. He collapsed back down and again with the sideways look….seeking help, or a command or some such.

The man and his wife/ the driver were yelling instructions at each other still.

“Are you going to call 111 or am I going to?” – ‘we’ yelled again.

Fucking useless. The obese driver/ wife never even bothered getting out of her car. The husband inspecting the damage to the front right bumber of their precious late model piece of shit.

The woman finally got on her cell phone and could hear her giving her license plate number to the cops.

Sat there patting the dogs neck saying “Good boy”. He was getting slower and slower.

The woman then announced she was driving up to the nearest house with lights on to see if they could help – animal control from the nearest town were apparently on their way.

The husband was still standing there and had started making apologies for what had happened.

The tendy type, basketball singlet, what looked like a perm with hair product, the latest iPhone pointing at the dog with its light on. He obviously didn’t want to touch it or get too close to it.

The old boy’s head was slowly lowering towards the ground, one more sideways look as if to ask if there was anything we could do, then the breathing stopped. The husband still blubbering on about how it happened and the wife/ driver still doing U turns over the road while yelling at the husband.

Natural killers. Devoid of any real care. Probably racing home late for their favorite TV show or to munch on the next dead animal for dinner. The late model SUV, the latest iPhone, the fashion, the hairstyles, false idol worship oozing from the both of them as they put on their faltering social display,  while the dog they just killed died in shock and pain. Probably church goers and will dismiss it all next Sunday before lunch. Could have been one of our gang stalkers even, all pumped up on the chase – they are all soulless cnuts.

Slow down you Godless swine.

In your life in general. Slow down. Stop your mindless killing, in the name of fashion.

Lose the fashions. Lose the idol worship. Distance yourselves from the psychopaths and pedophiles that you spend your entire lives trying to emulate and ‘catch up’ with……..and stop killing things.

Devoid of any sense of spirituality, or just basic care. Driving around killing stuff.

The Nation now over flowing with them. A growing demonic possession sweeping the Nation due to the poisoned food, the medication and the satanic media.

Done thousands of KM’s around this land – often at night – haven’t hit an animal in many years (a opossum some years back), but have avoided many. The only way to drive is so you do no harm. Pay attention.

Asked dude to pick up the back of the large old dog and help take him to the side of the road. Told him to drive more carefully , used a bottle of water to wash blood off hands and left. Not sure if they stayed or not. Probably not. The owners probably drove out the gate this morning to find their pet of 10-14 years dead on the side of the road.

Is there a name for a condition in which you start to care more for animals than for careless/lost/soulless human beings?

Its creeping on, whatever it is.






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