Gang Stalking is Jewish / Soviet Communism – Now in New Zealand


Featured Image – David Farrar – the enemy within. Said to be one of the most powerful Jewish communists/ Marxists in New Zealand – in public view at least.The Jewish communists stay in power, regardless of whom you vote for. Skillfully posing as leadership and intellect while the Nation falls into the Marxist/ Jewish pit of meth and drug addiction, record inequality and child abuse, massive organized pedophilia, industrial scale poisoning and mass medication of the population…. ..and Soviet styled gang stalking. It has been suggested to Media Whores that David Farrar is actually one of the communist Jews organizing the illegal gang stalking in NZ, as well as directly involved in the Justin Davis Files masonic pedophile rings cover up. Do the math. People like David Farrar would have probably been the first on the trains in Nazi Germany, if the history the Jews still feed us is correct, although most serious historians agree it is not….they were instead safely shipped off to Israel, with their ill-gotten wealth along with them, to prepare for the next round of persecution of the Goy.

Likes to play dress up as his favorite pedophile & necrophiliac in his spare time apparently also…….these are our new age ‘lliberal’ leaders……


There is now an avalanche of information and reports flooding the internet about gang stalking.

This description in the first video below is very good – detailing the tax payer funded/ Government involvement and how the Jewish communists are using the same strategies they used in the Bolshevik invasion of Russia and the invasion of Germany to set the stage for the rise of Hitler (and the eventual creation of the Israeli/ Zionist State).

The Jewish commie/ Bolsheviks flood your Nation with meth and/or heroin and other hard drugs, counterfeit money, porn, and set up and control large Masonic pedophile rings, and various other family and value destroying criminal activity, while promoting and controlling pedophiles and drug addicts into all big political, legal, media and business roles, then disguise it all as “political correctness”.

Palmy Creep Catchers – Will the NZ Justice System Attempt to Legalise Pedophilia on May 15th?

Its the Jewish commie killing machine, now aided by far better technology with support from the Jewish/ Zionist command base in Israel.

Dude below details the use of energy weapons, not sure if we have experienced that as yet, but we are certainly experiencing the small army of local masons and other pedophile ring members doing the stalking. One easy way to recognize them is they now all drive with their car lights on during the day time – apparently one way they communicate with other. When you see someone driving with headlights on during the day – that is most likely one of your local masonic pedophile satanists – so be wary….Very good description of the people these satanic Jews recruit also – drug addicts, pedophiles……and some of the false new age church cult members. All of the weakest members of society essentially…….those who are easily bribed and led….all those who need a crutch and to feel as if they are part of a ‘winning team’. Those unable to stand on their own two feet as instructed, so are led by the nose instead…..eventually to their graves. The anti Christs of our society essentially. The demoniacally possessed. Our own little pedophile communist/ masonic army now operating in NZ, working against their fellow man ‘at night’. And working for pedophiles – their own children no doubt being abused also – perhaps even when the parents get called out on a ‘mission’. The lowest of the low. Pimping out their own kids on a false and evil premise. Bending over for their communist / satanist/ masonic mind control handlers – the same gang destroying our Nation and abusing the kids. Treasonous slime.

In the second video below – one of the fake gang stalking accounts – the Jews always try to infiltrate and then control any debate or new ‘movement’. Suzie Dawson of the Internet Party recorded on $10,000 worth of the latest equipment from the comfort of her 4 star European hotel room before ducking off to the next rock and roll concert. Probably Jewish, check out the teeth – going on about Kim Dotcom, Assange and other well known New World Order bad actors of the Israel/ Jewish State…….the issue here is Jewish / Bolshevik communism and related drug trafficking and pedophilia – anyone not saying that is a half ass Sayanim fraud…….

The fake one below…..adding a little make up and glamor to it all – even tells us about her favorite Jewish rock n roll band, even pushing the album. Fkg joke…..there is always money to be made for these bad actors while disguising the truth……..that is part of the challenge / game for them…..

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves” – Lenin 

Their ultimate goal – is to recruit you…….to get you to sell your soul……like the rest of them… bend over and worship them…..erm…go fk yourselves…..


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