Gang Stalking is The Masonic Silent Dagger – & the Masons are all Pedophiles


Masons are the enemy of humanity

They are pedophiles and killers. They drug and abuse children around NZ. If their agents are running your local school or church – they will be abusing children en masse. If there is a masonic building / temple in your town, they will be abusing kids also. Sodomy is their God. The masons suck each others’ dicks and bum each other, for their God. They all keep this secret from their wives. Each to their own of course, but it is their organized abuse of children that should concern all other Kiwis. Sexual abuse of kids is their primary recruitment method as their victims grow up damaged and confused and looking for support. Most masons were seriously abused as kids also.

Image – alleged serial pedophile Dan Dolejs from the Justin Davis Files – note the masonic hand signal and “Poison Pawn” sign/ symbol. Said to get access to children via chess clubs, and Nick Smith MP’s electorate office and caravan. 

Sitting at the top of the Freemasons are demons….what most people are now reporting on as shape shifting lizards and snakes. The living dead. Like all of the half truth religions invented by these lizard people, it provides some astrological truths mixed with lies designed to keep members dumbed down and in servitude, trapped their entire lives in Sodom and Gomorrah ie) Hell.

At the bottom of the masons – your everyday mason – are pedophiles, drug addicts and just weak low life slime balls in general. The sickest and weakest people in our society. Many of them now work in Government, councils, & the media. Also big on dairy farming and they also own all of the supermarket chains, thus why all of the food is now poisoned. The masons on the councils are tasked with poisoning your water supply. They want to dumb you down, kill you, then abuse your kids.

Masonic gang stalking and the masonic slow dagger explained…..

Well – Jones does get some truth out….

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