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Interesting to see Google have decided recently to compare us to James K Baxter…….the words “Media Whores” found no where on that link….they just wake up one day and decide what information they should provide the Goy with quite obviously. This is what they refer to as “artificial intelligence”, and it is artificial all right. The ruling homogeneous lizard class decide what the great unwashed will think and believe. Much like the old system of his-story books…..

Perhaps the idea is to paint us up as some kind of loopy alcoholic? We have little doubt that they go over our bank records in depth and would have found the odd trip to the bottle store here and there. For the record we are still in possession of that bottle of single malt scotch, the bottle of vodka and the Chartreuse – all unopened and had it sitting there for many months. It’s more like some sort of insurance policy to have some booze on hand. The odd trip to the pub every month or two and a couple of cheeky hip flasks of Jager may have disappeared over the summer, along with a shared bottle of JD.  But haven’t been roaring drunk in many years. Can relate to his views on the various masonic religions however………and the blind pursuit of money that (still) defines our system of ‘artificial’ corporate governance……..that we fund……

Anyway – below are some recent stats/ readership numbers. As explained, we have a number of hit / view counter plugins and they all seem to be hacked. They all show different numbers, but there is one they seem to have problems with…the one showing the hits in the millions. When we have previously removed and then reset all of the hit counters we have found the actual numbers are 10-100 times higher than this also……but quite happy with the 5-6 million being shown. It is unlikely that 5 or 6 million people read the top Stuff or Herald articles we imagine (if they actual use their real numbers), so guess that makes us the leading real news and information website in New Zealand – still.

And still totally ignored by the corrupt masonic pedophile drug addict ‘system’ – the mainstream media and government. And quite thankfully, we prefer to have nothing to do with them.

The trick to being recognised by the system (should you ever actually want to be) is very simple – you have to agree to refrain from being antisemitic. Discussing lizard people is also out apparently as well. As is reporting on the pedo ring cover ups. You can come close to the truth or play around a little with the truth, perhaps some poetry for example, as long as you then agree to become a roaring alcoholic, drug addict or sexual deviant, then you will be accepted, if not celebrated. You have to be compromised and thus malleable in some way.  Greg Hallett another very well read Kiwi who will never get a mention.

Note also that Palmy Creep Catchers was the biggest story of late – almost 7 million on his story from 2-3 weeks ago and over 9 million on the Taupo one…….obviously shock waves around every Masonic Lodge in the World…….the entire Nation plus a few more million from overseas, watching to see if the creepy Masonic judicial mafia will try to legalise their pedophilia in New Zealand on May 15th in Palmerston North…..the corner stone of their final revolution, now that the slave population are already well and truly drugged to the eyeballs………Still around 150 million on our biggest article – that seems to have been stopped in its tracks.

Probably the most read Kiwi website of all time…..Not that we are rejoicing in it at all, but people should know they are by no means alone…..

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