Suzie Dawson v’s Brendon O’Connell – Gang Stalking Revisited



Were we a bit harsh on this one?

There is actually a lot of good information in it.

Just think she is a bit naive about who is actually behind it all. At best.

It can’t be ruled out that she is just a useful idiot though. Try a Google search for “Operation Talpiot” sweetheart.

Notice she mentions “Cubic Defense” – well come on Suzie, if you haven’t figured out all the black cube symbolism around you yet you are only capable of half the truth.

There is some very good information in this video – but Assange and Kim Dotcom etc only ever get as far as “Its the USA!” – which is deliberately blind in our opinion. The broader agenda is to actually weaken and destroy the USA as it stands in the way of global government run by computers from Israel. These so called ‘activists’ and ‘leaders’ are supposed to be the smartest we have, but apparently can’t even figure out the most basic facts……..

They all provide good information on the nuts and bolts of operations, but seem to share a masonic (or Sayanim perhaps better) code of silence on who is really behind the curtain, running the USA, Russia….and Germany……all for a common (communist) cause…

Brendon O’Connell’s work leaves them all for dust – and done on 1/1,000,000 of the budget…..

Suzie Dawson and Assange – solving the World’s problems, with a few checky rock n roll concerts and dance parties on the side…………on the condition they never mention German Intelligence, Russian intelligence and the Israeli State………..

Brendon O’Connell’s work…..


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    Sham says:

    Anyone who seems to have a significant following regarding truth topics on youtube or social media seems to miss certain key points regarding who’s running the show, and what exactly they are doing.

    Is it because certain individuals get bribed or threatened or something of the sort? Certain individuals who share truth topics? Where they’re only allowed to teach 80% truths ?

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