Brendon O’Connell on Reptilian/ Demonic Shape Shifting Hologram Technology


Featured Image – a famous image of Jenna Bush turning into a lizard on live TV


Well – Brendon O’Connell will be choking on his Canine Curry when he comes in for his daily Media Whores fix, but hey, it is more interesting than never ending geopolitical analysis isn’t it?

For a Roman Catholic, O’Connell sure is a bit light on scripture……as are most Roman Catholics to be fair. We are not wrestling with flesh n blood bro.

Oh yeah and the Earth is flat…

60 Bible Verses Describing a Flat Earth Inside a Dome

Besides – if O’Connell want’s to get serious about saving us all – he will first need to get his diet right…

Media Whores has given up on all politics until one of these so called leaders admits that Nasa is a hoax and we live on a flat Earth, until then none of them can be trusted at all. It is all just pure theater and distraction.

Truth is we watch these shape shifter/ lizard demon vids for fun, but after a few become so convinced that we feel the need to share them. Why watch Hollywood garbage when you can watch the real thing?

If this is actually the case – that the ruling class are all shape shifting lizards, then the Bible has obviously been very watered down on the topic. Jesus was said to have chased out demons and demons are often mentioned, but seems there is now more info on Youtube.

They appear to use some sort of liquid crystal hologram technology on their bodies when in public. Wrist bracelets, necklaces, ear pieces etc. The other thing we have noticed is most of these ‘people’ look like they could be a different age, as in hundreds of years older than they say they are. Usually as ugly as Sin and covered in make up and fashion. Often confused looking genders, which is obviously why they are spending all of our tax money promoting such things these days….so they can better fit in. Take a closer look at your boss sometime, as well as those freaks on the 6 o’clock news…..especially the news anchors, MP’s, judges and rich listers…all of the world leaders. Definitely our new PM…and certainly our old PM. Even most of the entertainers. Lizards from beyond the 3rd dimension. And masonry is their religion – the religion of the androgynous lizards – under which sits the other religions and churches, most of which seek to pervert scripture/ the word of God.

Shit, there it is in plain sight as always……dimension / demonsion/zion.

They Live man….the Demons.

Strange days.

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