The Kim Dotcom Holocaust & The Hegelian Dialectic


Featured Image – Kim Dotcom – Jewish…and full of shit. Or fake Jews or whatever they call themselves. How about the Lizard People from Eastern Europe?


“There is a child inside me” – Kim Dotcom 

While many people argue that the Jews are actually all shape shifting lizards and demons from another dimension – able to take human form thanks to secret hidden technology,  iPhones and/or blood drinking – one thing we can all pretty much agree on is that they are mostly all full of shit.

The Hegelian Dialectic is their modus operandi.

Kim Dotcom initially bribed his way into NZ, by paying off MP’s and hiding criminal convictions.

He should be deported – by law – regardless of all his other bullshit. Along with all of the other mega wealthy assholes that have bribed there way in here of late.

You have no right to be in NZ to begin with you fat German slob……but now of course, Dotcom is another Jewish ‘victim’.

Kiwis have now been made to payout millions in legal expenses, for a legal case between Dotcom and the so called US Government, which is of course run by Israel…same as our Government is and most other Governments around the World. As we know, this is done by bribing pedophiles into all positions of power as well as into the judiciary (allegedly). Israel loves Dotcom of course, because he helps distract everyone in the news while posing as a ‘truther’ and pushes Bitcoin, the digital new world order / globalist wet dream….and because he is a Jew….

Now the argument has been skillfully turned into one about whether Kim Dotcom should be deported to the USA under copyright law, as opposed to the real argument that Dotcom should be out on his ass anyway for bribery and fraud in regards his residency.

In the meantime Kiwi tax payers are funding this slob’s court cases while he lives the high life in Queenstown.

Here is a good idea Dotcom – fk off.

On behalf of NZ – fk off. We were all better off without you. Quite literally.


We noticed today that his residency investigation has been suppressed – it has even been withheld from the immigration minister himself. How can Kiwis rule out that this Jewish mafia turd isn’t bribing pedophiles in the government and/or judiciary to prevent his extradition for visa fraud?

Dear God – look at the state of it……….


Now of course, this Jewish mafia slob is threatening to sue NZ tax payers for “billions” for all the trouble.

John Campbell (another creepy crypto Jew) and Radio NZ will no doubt help sell the sob / slob story, again.

Meanwhile real Kiwis are being arrested and charged with exposing Masonic / Jewish pedophiles online and there is no sympathy or public outcry at all. Do the math. Palmy Creep Catchers is not Jewish. And the judges are all creepy Masons……they do what they are told.

Palmy Creep Catchers – Will the NZ Justice System Attempt to Legalise Pedophilia on May 15th?

We somehow doubt there will be any comment from Kim Dotcom on the booming online child grooming and trafficking  agenda. There is money to be made after all and people need to share their ‘files’ quickly!

You are even allowed to grow cannabis in NZ if you are Jewish – but Kiwis are all sent to jail

Check out these videos below.

Creepy little shape shifting Jew, interviews mafia slob Jew – on Jewish owned RT, pushing the Jewish/ German Karl Marx Hegelian Dialectic. ie) The Hollywood Jews want to make all of the money from internet sales, but the Jewish internet moguls want their cut too…… they will spend 10’s of million of US and NZ tax payer money via the Jewish owned and  controlled court system arguing about it, while Dotcom gets to live in luxury in NZ and no more questions are asked about his illegal and fraudulent visa that got him here to begin with.

Just brilliant. Shape shifting snake theater at its absolute best.

The shape shifting German Jews also discuss Aaron Swartz, another Jewish multimillionaire who some claim the Jews staged his death to help create a climate of fear around the internet for real truthers. Those links have been well and truly buried on line now, but go take a look at Swartz’s tranny ‘girlfriend’ and his Jewish bullshit on climate change, another Jewish hoax invented by another blood drinking German Jew with a fake name Al Gore / Allegory.

One more piece of Jewish bullshit to go along with it is the standard Jewish owned Wikipedia cover up of the fact that all of these Jewish clowns are indeed Jewish, with Kim Dotcom described as “Finnish German”. Although they do mention Swartz is  Jewish further down his page, because he was of course a victim, so that’s ok. Check out his creepy Satanist looking parents also. Swartz is probably now living in Israel…..possibly even groomed for the role since a child/ little girl.

Oh yeah and that standard old nugget,  “Is this Jew actually a Nazi” Jewish Hegelian bullshit – when we can all now see they have always been the same thing…….

The Jews are so full of shit – and they control your entire reality…….24 hours around the clock, of non stop Jewish Hegelian bullshit….on every channel…..of the Jewish owned media……

World wide Masonic anal domination was already achieved a long time ago – while these inbred demons all argued with each other in the media over how many millions they each get….and which countries they should be allowed to illegally squat in.


(Yes, the first is an old video, we went back looking for videos of Dotcom shape shifting……keep in mind he has the best technology, but count how many times the tongue pops out of the mouth…every time he thinks).

Jew Sasha Baron Cohen – hiding the truth in plain sight…before violently killing it for a laugh……..

Jews on sacrificing non Jews…..erm…erm…yeah we do it….but only for God.

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