Tom Cahill – The Pedophile Conservation Areas Near You


Featured Image – Masonic owls popping up all over Auckland. 


Our government,  councils and judiciary are all run by masonic pedophiles.

This is the Jewish Masonic agenda. To promote and legalize pedophilia in New Zealand….as we are now seeing in the justice system. Actually it is an Islamic / Sharia Law agenda to be fair. Which is just another incarnation of Talmudic / Jewish racial supremacist law.


Palmy Creep Catchers – Will the NZ Justice System Attempt to Legalise Pedophilia on May 15th?

Same agenda across the Western World. The end goal is to destroy all normal / traditional/ natural / Godly definitions of creation and family…….and slowly turn our Nations into pedophile paradises.

Because these people running the show, and printing all of the money, are not human to begin with.

Auckland City Council for one – are building childrens playgrounds all around the inner city. Watch as the cruise ship elites arrive in the City, put their sunglasses on and make a beeline for one of these new inner city playgrounds. They are promised child sex tourism in NZ. Piling new immigrant families into soviet style inner city apartments helps provide the food supply. Leighton Smith is said to be a big fan and constantly pushes the cruises on his radio show while covering up all of the Jewish and masonic pedophile scandals.

Every time the Council go to build a new pedo playground in the City, they put up massive billboards with pictures of naked children jumping around and standing naked in fountains, to show the other Jews and masons what is coming.

They have now put up large Masonic owls all over the City showing you who is running the show…..masonic pedophiles, working for their shape shifting lizard overlords………

In Jewish masonry “The Wise are Silent”. In reality it is the pedophiles who are silent.

The masonic pedophiles that run our Government and councils have been installing their pedophile ‘art’ for some time…..funded by you…the tax paying Goy food supply.

Go and stand outside the Auckland City Council building for 10 minutes at lunch time to see the types of people we are dealing with here – cold blooded masonic lizard looking types. The top execs at least. An overpaid army of them. Pushing their sick anti human agenda on the public. Its in the Bledisloe Building ie) the bleed is slow. Hidden in plain sight as always.

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