Judge Tony Adeane – Child Sex Images are “At worst moderately objectionable”


Featured Image – Judge Tony Adeane, the latest NZ judge to apparently protect pedophiles and push the masonic child sex and pedophilia agenda within New Zealand.


The latest NZ pedophile to be let off lightly and have his name and reputation protected – free to continue operating in our society – if not encouraged to continue to pursue his pedophilia…..along with others. Hey, the judges will go light on you after all……


These creepy masonic judges are deliberately shitting all over our child protection laws in New Zealand. By design.

Now before readers jump to the conclusion that Judge Adeane must himself be another of these creepy masonic pedophiles, Media Whores would like to make it absolutely clear that just because this man is a Judge, and the NZ judiciary is being run by Sian Elias who is allegedly married to a serial child sex offender, and they are clearly pushing a pedophile agenda within NZ on behalf of their shape shifting lizard overlords…..this is not conclusive evidence that Judge Adeane is also a pedophile himself. Nor would we want to suggest such. Even though he does look a bit erm…..creepy….and masonic.

And even though we know that most of these masonic pedophiles have been seriously raped and abused as children themselves, we stress that this is also not conclusive evidence that this is what happened to Judge Adeane – given we have already said that there is no direct evidence that he is a pedophile to begin with, so how could one conclude that he was therefore sexually abused as a child? Just simple logic.

So we ask that readers refrain please from leaping to those quite obvious assumptions.

Maybe he just feels a bit sorry for pedophiles?

Or maybe has a soft spot for child sex images himself and maintains that does not make him a pedophile as well?

Maybe the pedophile he has protected is also a mason and he was just following the ‘law’ (of looking after other masons).

Or hey…maybe Judge Tony Adeane is in fact a bit fond of the little Kiwi kiddies as well as a freemason, but just thinks that the laws are outdated and is thus taking it open himself to subtly change them for us all? For our own good…despite his oath to uphold the law….and there is really no conspiracy here at all.

Kiwis should try to keep an open mind and refrain from leaping to conclusions that could be hurtful of perhaps even politically incorrect.

Once again we stress that this is not conclusive evidence that Judge Adeane is himself a kiddie fiddler – nor should readers leap to such assumptions, however obvious they may or may not be.

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More on judge Tony Adeane – pesky brown people yelling out from the bench as he goes about his important work of protecting pedophiles in our communities. 


And check this one out – 3×6 = 666, and the double 7, 77. masonic scripture all over it. Making Adeane look like a tough guy ion crime….except pedophilia of course. Can anyone confirm if this guy even exists? Those evil middle aged straight white men…..we are living in the fkg twilight zone


And here he is putting a mother of a three DAY old child in prison for shop lifting……..another child for the State. Huge rewards for that…..the biggest goal.


“The judiciary shows itself to be a paedophile and crime creation movement whose primary goal is fatherless children… “Author Greg Hallett

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Was Convicted Killer Phillip Layton Edwards a Victim of Hugh Fletcher / Sian Elias Child Sex Ring?

Was Convicted Killer Phillip Layton Edwards a Victim of Hugh Fletcher / Sian Elias Child Sex Ring?

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