Infowars and the Israeli Run ‘Alt Right’ Movement Sayanim Agent – Blair Cottrell


Featured Image – Infowars interviewing the new media savvy & highly fashionable Alt Right leadership of ‘racist’ Australia – Blair Cottrell

(No reports have surfaced yet on Connor Bevans folks – there is a Masonic code of silence across media, the justice system and government….they are kind of all hoping the problem will just go away no doubt. We can confirm however that Bevans has been bailed again today having had various charges read to him……..essentially because there is no evidence, and presumably none of the pedophiles he exposed are very keen to get on the witness stand. We will update the story as soon as we can find out more). 


Meet Blair Cottrell.

His hair is perfect.

Another of these leading redheads you will notice also.

Ginger Jews

His fashion and sense of style is enviable.

His biceps…….well looks like he is on the juice to be honest. And the interview timed for having just stepped out of the gym. Was probably doing bicep curls to the side of the set just prior to going live.

Meet the new Chosen by God leader of the far right ‘racists’ – hand picked and Kosher to help lead the ongoing divisions and conflict within our Nations as all of us are sold into global digital communist slavery…… by elite pedos…for ‘God’

Brendon O’Connell argues below that the role of these new Kosher far right leaders is to help flush all Western Jews off to Israel.

Cottrell is of course now all over the mainstream media – while anyone speaking any truth is still being ignored, if not gang stalked by masons…….or thrown in jail for hurting people’s feelings and/or exposing pedos.

He is lying about being the first “test case” – Brendon O’Connell was, but gets no media coverage, only slandered, and got 3 years in jail compared to this fraud’s threat of 6 months. Cottrell has been bought in to do the job O’Connell was doing, skillfully ignoring O’Connell’s entire case and changing the narrative.

The other obvious thing Cottrell has missed is that Muslims do not run the Australian Immigration policy – Jews do. In fact Cottrell somehow seems to have missed that billionaire Jews own most of Australia and have done since the 1970’s at least. Cottrell’s job is to replace the elephant in the room of full spectrum Jewish control of the Australian Government and start blaming the Muslim immigrants instead, many of whom are actually Jewish Sayanim agitators to begin with (the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service/ ISIS).

Note also his Dutch/ German / Africans accent slips out a few times. These types were all working for billionaire Jews in Africa ….mostly in mining and policing the natives.

He also cleverly avoids the outright truth about the Port Arthur Hoax. Skilled masonic half truths. Dude is well trained.

A lot of what he says makes sense of course – same with Hitler – both men hand picked by the same people who cause all of the problems, to offer the solution. Those who control both left and right and present us with the narrative.

Nor will you ever hear Cottrell or Infowars cover the fake staged Mossad terrorism events, nor even Mossad involvement in 911. These guys are pure controlled (and well funded) military intelligence.

The other quite obvious lie from Cottrell is the idea of when “the Globalists finally get full control” – what a half ass idiot. ‘The Globalists’ (same phrase Infowars use) have been in full control of the World since they won WWII, and long before that also.

Cottrell is classic masonic divide and rule……..This is how they lead you to war, having already well and truly taken over your Nation. By the nose…as ignorant angry fools.

Step aside Brendon O’Connell – we need someone who can be controlled, juiced and bummed………..and maintain the fashions while at it……….

The last thing we need in terms of leadership is a bloody Afrikans gym bunny who is in love with his own biceps and working for Jewish military intelligence. A revamped Alex Jones.

Full interview after Brendon O’Connell’s spot on take on it…….

Oh yeah, and the Earth is flat…..and always has been ……

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5 thoughts on “Infowars and the Israeli Run ‘Alt Right’ Movement Sayanim Agent – Blair Cottrell”

  1. Reply
    jack says:

    just love those guys with big biceps. Cannot move their hands fast at all and so easy to fist cut up their faces till they just look like butchered bitches and smash the side of their knees to wreck the cartilage permanently. These guys are definitely a case of the bigger they are the sweeter they fall. Oversized pieces of dogsh*t.

    The palmy creep catcher has really got to have witnesses present, as that is the actual leg of evidence, a witness to cross examine. These Zionist pedo’s are coming close to getting their payday.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      true true true
      samson and goliath
      too much focus on the biceps and trying to look hard, one quick step to the left, bam.
      anyway – the crown have no outlawed ‘self defense’ as well as provaction – so now confined to typing about it
      and yes, the extreme lengths these communist pedofiles that run our govt will go to so as to maintain their access to children. it is biblical.
      and now becoming just far too obvous
      that article is now showing as 85 million if you can believe that. not sure if even we do
      quite a bit of overseas interest.

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