[BUMP] Palmy Creep Catchers – Will the NZ Justice System Attempt to Legalise Pedophilia on May 15th?


Featured Image – NZ Judge Lance Rowe will reportedly preside over the hearing on May 15th in Palmerston North. Pictured with the Children’s Commissioner, and Youth Court Judge, Andrew Becroft. You couldn’t make this shit up if you tried, surely. Are they sharing some ‘suppressed images’? Are they both Freemasons? Very bad teeth on both men also, which seems to be another common theme with these types. Lot’s of money, but no dentists. Check out that link – an entire room full of these ‘legal’ / eagle types…..many with those same black rimmed reading glasses…..the ‘Liberals’…as the Nation falls further and further into a blend of corporate fascism and communism. One token brown boy  included – “diversity” is just a word they use – lip service. Diversity for you, but not for them. Also mentions “fairness” lol – well he is not off to a very good start is he……what he really means is Fear……..in legalese/ Phoenician. He will try to install Fear. Parents around the Nation now fearful that their children are no longer safe in our communities……


These are the people who need to be arrested folks – and the sooner we do it, the safer we will all be. 

You will know them by their deeds……

Update – 6.3 million views folks. Its 666 for the kiddie fiddlers and their masonic protectors….Today, Judge Rowe will be judged by the Nation and beyond……for an eternity…..

The court hearing date for Connor Bevins – the Palmy Creep Catcher – has been set down for 10am, May 15th at the Palmerston North District Court, with Judge Lance Rowe reportedly presiding.

We would not be surprised if the Crown tries to change that date or even the location at some stage before the scheduled hearing as a way to try and frustrate too much public interest. The Crown are known to try all manner of tricks and deception these days with their court cases….they have become a joke really. Completely corrupt, even by our own experience.

Media Whores will notify with another article if we hear the date is changed, but otherwise members of the public are encouraged to try and make it to Palmy for that date. Anyone with children should be highly concerned about this case for starters, as it appears as if the NZ justice system is about to try and legalise pedophilia in this Country. Or at least, ban and indeed criminalise anyone who tries to expose or speak out about it in our communities, thus protect the pedos.

That is what Connor Bevins of Palmy Creep Catchers did. He recorded a handful of NZ men, some well into their 60’s, making sex dates with what they thought were young boys, some as young as 12 years old, then showing up for those dates in parks and shopping malls etc. That is called luring children for sex, and pedophilia…which is against the law in NZ.

Sorry about the blurry screen prints folks – it was almost impossible to get clean shots of some of these people – very weird…….

Connor even handed over some of this evidence to the local police but apparently no investigation of these pedophiles was initiated. Instead what happened was the police came and arrested Connor Bevins and charged him with causing so called “Digital Harm” under recently created legislation in NZ – no doubt designed for this very purpose – to protect pedophiles and the likes. He now faces up to 2 years in jail for exposing these pedophiles. As far as we know, these pedophiles are now back out in the community and for all we know are still trying to groom underage kids on so called ‘social’ media. Youtube and Facebook were apparently also part of the cover up, with both of them removing all of Connor Bevins content almost overnight as the arrest took place. Truly astounding.

Bevins then went up before Judge Lance Rowe – the same judge he is scheduled to appear before on May 15th – who reportedly insisted on bailing Bevins to a Palmerston North address, despite Bevins stating that he had received death threats in that Town by some of the people involved, thus putting his life at risk. Perhaps the NZ justice system was hoping to try and set Bevins up for such? Again, this is the sort of corruption Kiwis have come to expect from this ridiculous Masonic gang who pose as our leaders and authority these days. Bevins later had the bail address changed to Taupo where he would be safer, with the help of some friends.

Judge Lance Rowe has also banned Bevins from using any technology or the internet itself, as part of the strict bail conditions – making it impossible for Bevins to prepare his case over the next two weeks. He cannot even go on line and read the actual Act that he is charged under – that being the Harmful Digital Communications Act . Bevins can not search online for a lawyer, look up any relevant case law, nor even type up or print out any material for his case under these bail conditions set by ‘judge’ Lance Rowe, and yet by law he has the right to a fair hearing. Complete lawlessness. NZ already has laws for defamation and we are now apparently seeing the real purpose behind this new act – to help the masonic government censor the internet…..and apparently protect pedophiles

Apparently Judge Lance Rowe has also suppressed all of the so called ‘victims’ details. Now ask yourself – how can you have any so called ‘harm’ if there are no victims? At least one of these pedophiles will need to provide testimony. Does the crown plan to read testimonies from ‘secret’ witnesses so as to get their conviction? Just madness isn’t it. And why haven’t the police arrested any of these pedophiles and ceased their computers and phones so as to check for any other child sex victims? It is like some kind of alien invasion going on.

Anyway…..the stage is now set……

It seems the NZ government is seeking to convict Connor Bevins for doing the job of the police themselves, not to mention NetSafe NZ who receive millions in tax payer funding to help keep the internet ‘safe’. It seems they want to silence Connor Bevins and protect the small army of pedophiles operating in Taupo and Palmerston North, and also send the message out that anyone exposing pedophiles in our communities will face being arrested and charged also.

Astounding isn’t it.

Kiwis are encouraged to try and show up on May 15th at 10am in Palmerston North for this public court hearing. Keep in mind that the Crown will almost certainly try every trick in the book to make it as less public as possible – leaving it until last case at the end of the day would be another strategy these Masonic crooks could use. So pack a lunch.

We also found this video today on Youtube that a guy named Neil Myle has put up about Palmy Creep Catchers, in which he tries to trivialize the whole issue and what the justice system is doing. Take a close look at his teeth………Did all of these people miss out on dentists as kids? Or are they shape shifting??  Also states he “hasn’t done a video in a while”…did someone give him a nudge? And is that a subliminal “M” symbol with the two blue books?? How about your satanic club just agrees to stop raping kids – that could help solve the problem…..

More shapeshifters…..opps, Creeps……catchers….

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25 thoughts on “[BUMP] Palmy Creep Catchers – Will the NZ Justice System Attempt to Legalise Pedophilia on May 15th?”

  1. Reply
    Sham says:

    Lol, names himself ‘christian’ .. do these pedofile stalkers have little to no creativity?

  2. Reply
    Christian says:

    Wow you need moderation to post on this website, talk about censorship. I suppose this website doesn’t agree with freedom of speech either.

  3. Reply
    Mike says:

    The USA President has, since 21st December 2017, been granted the right to use THE FULL POWERS OF THE USA MILITARYy to deal with the pedophiles and their satanic overlords. Including their International Connections and collusion’s. Which includes New Zealand. So serious is the problem over there.

    One of the views is that it is absolutely vital to create a social situation where pedophilia and its much darker aspects cannot operate. If there were kids like Bevan operating as Palmy Creep catchers all over New Zealand, exposing and catching these characters, and getting rewarded for catching these characters, it would create a great youth movement to firm up by the time they become adults.

    In the USA they need the full power of the USA military. in New Zealand we just need the kids to take over the social networking and locate and deal to these fiends. How about Kiwi Kreep Katchers (KKK) limited. As a business.

    The Government (New Zealand is a pedophile ring fronting as a country)(according to the sworn court evidence of Gregg Hallett in 2008) has created a social setup where these pedophiles and their satanist overlords can run riot.Tp the point of actually suiciding youth to get rid of the evidence. Gregg Hallet also swore as Court evidence, (that anyone can use, including the Palmy Creep catcher), that the NZ Judiciary is an occult mafia, operating only for their satanic overlords and in direct criminal treason against the people of New Zealand.

    With Palmerston North being one of the main pedophile centres they will have put this Judge and any of their other Judges in place for one main reason, being to cover up the tracks of the pedophiles, so as to thereby enable the pedophile satanist agenda with a safe to operate pedophile environment.. So this Judge Lance Rowe aka Judge UFF, ( underage fish f**ker) will be there for only one main reason, to cover up for the pedophiles. Because Palmerston North is a masonic pedophile HUB. Judge UFF (pronounced oof) should be forced to recuse himself for severe conflict of interest. If not take it through the Courts, all the way to the murderous pedo head herself Sian Elias.

    They will have also have made certain that the Palmy Creep Catchers lawyer under legal aid, is effectively a pedo pet. Who will try and get the Palmy Creep Catcher to plead guilty. Even though he is not guilty of any “criminal offending”, under colour of right. If a false guilty plea has been entered it should be withdrawn due to false advice by the lawyer and conflict of interest by the Judge. ETC ETC ETC.

    It is TOTALLY ILLEGAL under international law to be forced to take a lawyer that you don’t want to have, otherwise Governments could, and in New Zealand they certainly do this, imprison whoever they want to. The first trick is to get the “not guilty” party to make a guilty plea. Usually it goes like this “the Judge will go much easier on you if you plead guilty”. Especially if the Police have filed totally unsuitable charges to scare out a guilty plea by offering to reduce the charges.

    This is one of the favorite tricks of the NZ legal aid service, to put someone working for the police, disguised as your trusty lawyer, whose actual job is to get you to plead guilty, or to get you remanded in custody, so that you plead guilty to get out of custody.

    It is totally illegal under international law, but one of the favourite tricks the police, lawyers and judiciary combined, use in New Zealand to get false guilty pleas arranged.AS A TOTAL CRIMINAL SCAM.

    Let the kids sort it out themselves. Let the kids create a small movement. Create a fighting fund for the kids to operate from. With rewards as to who catches the biggest and ugliest and baddest fish, each having a scale of 1 to 10 etc. That will slowly but surely make the social media totally unsafe for the pedophiles and their police and court and judiciary and church and school accomplices to use. Kiwi Kreep Katchers could even be the name of a band.

  4. Reply
    Sham says:

    A massive Haka out the front of the courthouse on the 15th would be fitting. Really challenge these cunts on their own turf, get someone to record the lot of it lol ^_^

  5. Reply
    Mike says:

    Update your view on the Catholic aspect by checking out
    (1) Jesuit trained UK Henry Sire, ex head Knights of Malta
    (2) Cornelia Ferriera
    their primary “Catholic” claim is that Pope Francis is a “total mistake”, the worst Pope in living history, and that the Vatican has been covering up the 3rd secret of Fatima, because it not only appears to point towards a Pope being killed outside of the precincts of the Church, but also argues the same case of the rest of the conspiracy beehive regarding the satanic communist united nations, with at the last UN Summit, their introductory prayer to “the God of cannibalism and child sacrifice”.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      we should all really be following scripture – not trying to figure out who best to blame
      the herbs will heal the nations. rev 22:2.
      there is your answer.
      all those busy taking sides will miss that.

    2. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      youtube serves us up a lot of the catholics and jesuits.
      dont usually get through them. give up
      they are a bit upset by our stance on killing animals though.
      and do seem to be a bit light on scripture all round. even after 2000 years
      also not big fans of flat earth. another guiding light.

  6. Reply
    Mike says:

    This Judge Lance Rowe must be the biggest piece of humour on the Palmy Creep catcher show. A total joke. Look at his name and his background. Lance is a name that commonly means “to shag” or “to lance”. And Rowe of course, also is Roe, which is an almost born fish. Meaning what his name really means in this case is someone who likes to shag underage fish. Judge “shagger of underage fish”, aka Lance Rowe, is in charge of the Palmy Creep catcher case.

    Which really must go to appeal, under numerous gross abuse of humans rights reasons. Which would include the police having to clearly describe just what ongoing cases the palmy creep catcher was harming. (what a load of bullsh*t). Any excuse to continue to enable pedophiles free reign in NZ communities, especially Taupo.

    Note that this Judges previous work was in the IRD, so he specialized in enabling those who falsely took money from the common people, therefore from the common business pool, to put legal community money into criminal corporations hands instead. They dont seem to understand the view of the sovereign person that “I own the government and they dont own me” and that under the common law “the fruits of my labours belong to me”, and not to your criminal, corrupt, pedophile, satanic corporation.

    And that if the local constabulary are there to enable pedophiles and satanists and kiddie gang rape, the common person, under the common law, and under the Crimes Act 1961, has a legal colour of right to defend both himself and others from these “PEDOPHILE CREEPS”.

    Especially so since it is the local constabulary, who in collusion with the local politicians, the local lawyers, and the local medical workers, and the local teachers, and the local social workers, and the local churches MAKE SURE the pedophiles are not touched and operate with impunity.

    In the USA it is so bad that on 21st December 2017, President Donald Trump signed an executive order of “National Emergency” to deal with such gross abuse of human rights and other corruption. Putting his right to use military intelligence into the ball game to deal with these inbred masonic satanist pedophile creeps. Whereas in New Zealand it looks like the military are probably involved as well (see the Whenuapai school problem, that has just come to light, where families withdrew their children from the school, and the board of trustees was involved in sex crime coverup). Whenuapai is where the army and air force family kids go, and where the new big fence is said to be there because that is now the chem trail base).

    The Palmy creep catcher has every legal right to appeal this case all the way to the supreme court, to see just what these deviants will do, when forced to actually explain themselves. While the case is undergoing appeal process then he can simply carry on, as any corrupt sentence by Judge “shagger of baby fish”, cannot stand while the case is still being argued.

    The problem is with the lawyers of course as the lawyer who won the case against the pedophiles in the case of Ewen McDonald, accidentally “committed suicide”, not long after the biggest win of his career. Or as David Lange said “its either a bullet or a Swiss bank account”.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      love it
      we were thinking lance – weapon of war – also used to kill christ.
      and Rowe backwards in Hebrew is really War.
      Lance of War.
      best try and avoid the man.

    2. Reply
      Christian says:

      How stupid are you? Who gets to choose their name at birth? And you’re gonna use it as evidence that they’re a fish fucker and untrustworthy? Why don’t you and the mediawhores dude spend more time reading New Zealand legislation and cases than conspiracies if you want to have an informed view on legal proceedings in this country

      1. Reply
        mediawhores says:

        “informed” is for faggots….and masonic cock sucking graduates in their little black cube hats….still suckling on mummy and step daddies titties, trying to impress them
        we trade in knowledge and real news
        back to your iphone apps chump

        1. Reply
          Christian says:

          For someone who detests homosexuality, you sure do talk about pensies and cock-sucking a lot.

          1. mediawhores says:

            oh dear
            another homosexual stalker
            youtube – dr nicolosi
            cure yrself
            by thinking for yrself

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