Morgellons Nano Tech Fibers in the Chemtrails


Featured Image – Morgellons fibers from the study below

Yes it is on a cheap website folks – because no corporate scientists will touch it…..

The Chemtrails being sprayed across the western World contain Morgellons nano tech fibers.

Been getting itchy skin lately?

Once inside the body, they grow themselves and slowly take over.

The rate at which they take over depends on how ‘electric’ or ‘alkalized’ your body is. Those who drink a lot or eat lots of chemical laced processed foods will deteriorate faster.

Same old solution – sunshine, outdoors, clean water, and eat raw/ real food as much as possible.

And stop funding the criminal communist Government….

“This research was initiated in an attempt to explain physical and neurological symptoms observed by me for quite some time and in just about everyone, including myself. It’s been like a splinter in my mind .

I’ve observed in recent years that co-workers, those I’ve attempted to train especially, all seem to be losing their short term memory. They’ll set a coffee cup down and forget its whereabouts 10 sec later, they’ll work on stuff for the field and leave the office without it. 10 years ago trainees could be given three or four tasks at one time and remember them all, now they can only handle one at a time at best, very spooky. Children in particular, those who should have a strong memory, seem affected also. Store clerks and others seem to suffer from these same neurological symptoms as well.”

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We are governed by Masonic pedophiles and psychopaths being bribed by the Israeli State……and our entire scientific and corporate health community are #Cucked


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7 thoughts on “Morgellons Nano Tech Fibers in the Chemtrails”

  1. Reply
    Sham says:

    ‘Health’ is the big winner regarding the Govts budget, what a fkn joke, cheaper visits = more deaths and more than likely more rapes and blood extractions, especially seeing that children under 14 are now free.

  2. Reply
    Jack says:

    Whenuapai where the child sex abuse was covered up by the schools committee, who remain unnamed, had a huge fence put around the entire area recently. The planes there are said to be the ones doing the chemtrails and the fence is to keep people out of the area. It is a military area for both army and air force, who are mostly people with families, who have been effectively forced to send their children to a school that covers up serious child abuse. So that in effect the Nazi corporation Government pays these military people to put this filthy stuff into our atmosphere while using their kids, (as one in 8 sexually abused kids go on to become pedophiles themselves, with the average pedophile getting to some 250 children), to breed ongoing pedophile generations with.

  3. Reply
    Sham says:

    Another Masonic pre programming heads up? I was in the presence of a t.v this evening (rare occurrence) and saw x2 civil defence ads within the 5-10 minutes I was in the room.

    I can’t help but wonder if this ‘predicted quake’ has anything to do with transcindas baby being ‘born’ in june, and with this video being 7 years after the announcement.

    1. Reply
      SnakeHitter says:

      Dude something really really bad will happen during the Gemini star sign. It’s either another fake war to traffic more women and children into the sex industry. Or there will be a large “natural disaster.
      I personally think it’s more the sex slaves, they seem to have a thing for focusing on that in the media lately, they even want to let people on VISA’S work in the sex industry people it will protect them… how the fk that works is beyond me.

      1. Reply
        Reply for SnakeHitter says:

        Cheers for that bro. Yeah bro its all very fkd up how its unfolding and its as if they are creating a career for people within the ‘sex industry’, now on a daily basis in the ‘news’ etc.

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