Kushner Raises the Kosher Flag Over Jerusalem – the Trumpette has Sounded


Featured Image – androgynous snake Jared Kushner opens the new US Embassy in Jerusalem, standing in front of the Nazi eagle representing the Rothschild / Red Child of the Dragon global banking dynasty’s control over both the left wing and right wing of global politrix, with the reptilian brain (and beak) in the middle, and the 13 stars above for the 13th Tribe of Levi/ Evil. The ruling reptilian phony Phoenicians and their Phoenix rising from the holohoax ashes, hidden in plain sight. 


Well it’s been theater, lies and deception over 300 years in the making. Since the ‘Illuminati’ pyramids and symbols started popping up all over the show, not least on the money supply. Two staged World Wars, a staged Civil War in the USA,  at least one bloody revolution in Russian, a staged cold war and never ending illegal wars around the World, not least since this same gang staged the 911 attacks and then invaded whomever they wanted, along with never ending staged terrorism, from the US liberty, to numerous embassy bombings and the running of ‘ISIS’ (the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) and the fake ‘War of Terror’ to this day.

But these serial psychopaths have finally got what they longed for. Never ending war for the masonic ‘promised land’.

A trail of blood of Biblical proportions left behind them.

And that is what this has all been about. Running a fake masonic (the religion of the snakes) / counterfeit narrative over top of the real astrological scripture which predicts the rebuilding of ‘Solomon’s Temple’ and the return of the 12 Tribes of Israel to the so called promised land. The temple of Solomon actually being the Soul of Man, the 12 tribes being the 12 lost / scattered Hebrew bloodlines, and the promised land of Israel being the activation of the Pineal Gland and return of the Christ Consciousness….mankind at peace in their minds/ heads/ Heaven on Earth. The real Biblical promise, perverted by these snakes thanks to their Saturn-lite programming, from Tel Aviv and never ending fake news, fake science and lies. A mass deception for the corporate type Christians – their entire prophecy stolen from them as they worshiped the very people stealing it. The promise of so called everlasting life, exchanged for a Rothschild mortgage (death pledge) and a regular prescription of pharmaceutical grade heroin for whichever nonexistent medical condition they have been told they have. Drugged to their collective eyeballs, hypnotized and seduced by the artificial lights and transvestites on their Sky/ Heaven TV.

You will know them by their fruits.

Even we can admit it all sounds a little bit ‘antisemitic’ , but more importantly, is it true?

Or perhaps a better question – has it been done simply to suck Christians in around the West with a view to collapsing it all and destroying their ‘faith’?

The framing of the Biblical Israel. Isis Ra and eL. For one that Is not Real.

Check out how many times Kushner/ Kosher says ‘right’ – Right does not mean Good in these snakes’ coded spells/spelling…. what the slippery androgynous Phoenician actually means is Reich and/or Ritual. ……

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