10 thoughts on “All Religion is Saturn Worship #TrampleOnSnakes”

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    Freemasons code broken says:

    Had a bit of a flick through all the magazine archives due to the fact they name their new initiates with each magazine they bring out

    Fkn blew my mind man, found several names of people on there id studied with, played sports with and even used to hang around with back at uni …

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    Sham says:

    I read one of his books regarding nutrition a couple of years back, he definitely either a) Misses the point completely or b) Intentionally gives half arsed truths to his ‘claims’. Another thing that I find funny with Ian is that he seems to be the only one who has access to all these ‘studies’ that get conducted that he gets his information from when he’s writes. In my opinion he’s a very sad excuse for an author/writer, in fact a lot of people I know who have read his ‘work’ say similar things, that he’s bias and doesn’t actually back up his claims and seems to base it on pseudoscience.

    I was blocked on Facebook by him for sending the JD files also, not even a reply. What about the countless other cases of pedofilia he’s ignored. I must say that yes I agree, his voice definitely sounds off. I wonder what his take on the transgender agenda is lol??

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    ^_^ says:

    Saw this on Facebook

    AndrewAllison cole There’s no winning. We only have 1 life so be happy anyway. And just Incase you all forget. We are all going to die one day …………. As for Ian wishart, the guy is a con-man who was supposedly paid to lead the Scott Watson case astray and further protect those involved in their little pedo club. Have a listen to the guys voice – one of the classic homosexuals.

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      mediawhores says:

      he was not at all interested in the jd files
      its like living in the twilight zone
      they all have holiday homes, family gatherings, and a few skeletons in the closest, so there is a silently agreed code of silence. across the entire nation.
      it really is like living in the twilight zone
      how did our nation get to a point where we all collectively ignore serious/ ongoing child abuse – because it could negatively impact our own lives?
      to be in that situation is one thing, but to all be actively rallying behind the ongoing cover ups (the govt and mainstream media) is just freaky.
      to watch it/ see it, is freaky.
      Like strolling thru a grave yard in the twilight….there is evidence that there was once life, yet nothing moves of talks

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      llloyd says:

      He did the same in his Arthur Allan Thomas book. The real murderer is identified in the book if you can read the codes. But Ian Wishart throws the investigation off course by naming a police detective investigating the case as the murderer. The deceased detective’s family did not sue nor did the police union despite its outlandish implications.

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