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Left brain lizard logic is killing people. More so than ever. Our technology, rules and PC society is strangling people to death. Coupled with our mostly starch /processed and blood diets.

Sitting down on a Sunday night to watch an hour or two of political doomsday analysis by three guys on Skype could be the final straw for many of todays overstressed, overworked and overtaxed Goy.

Perhaps the best advice is to deliberately do something random. Throw your net to the other side as it were and employ the right / creative side of your brain instead. Free your mind as they say. Random acts of kindness can work wonders. Pitch the tent in the backyard and sleep under the stars, drive in the opposite direction to everyone else, tell your boss to go fuck himself (opps, him/herself), sell your house and buy a house bus, write to the bank and cancel all of your debt, convert your satanic dairy farm to organic etc…..

Thus Media Whores thought we would lighten the mood a bit and have a go at doing a chart reading for our mate Peter. We are no experts but thought we would have a crack…….something a bit random.

Chart reading for Peter – For May 19th/ 20th 2018….

You have Mars in Taurus mate. Dangerous. Red/ fire/ blood/ Earthly mix. Mars rules Aries – so be careful not to bang the head. Taurus the neck and throat, maybe be a bit careful with your tongue. Mercury is also in Taurus so again, watch that mouth of yours. Venus rules over Taurus so will no doubt be influencing you on what to do – no point fighting it. Venus is currently in Cancer – the 69, so be on the look out for water. The Moon transitioned from the 69 into Leo/ the heart just before midnight last night, which no doubt also effected your position. Mars in 6th House, so you will no doubt work with great pleasure with a view to perfection. That said, there could be conflict with your overall purpose. Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn, so be aware of any old goats lurking around. Fear not however as Uranus has also entered Taurus, so the Father above has got your back and the net outcome will only be Good for both the bull and his ruler.

Your astrotheological reading for the day – Matthew 9:11.

And you will no doubt continue to waste all of your money – as per usual. Must be either that Pole Star or some dark satellite stuck on re-pete….if not direct interference from the Draco constellation, imagined or otherwise.

Cheers digger – no guarantees, but probably some truth to it








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