Operation Talpiot – Rise of the White Nationalists….& ‘Smart’ Cities


Featured Image – rare footage of Auckland’s traffic light system HQ

Here is the leading geopolitical analysis available on the net….in our opinion. Bit light on the blood drinking, but all the real nuts and bolts.

Any ‘takers’ for the white Nationalist leadership of NZ? It will be very well funded. Drugs, hookers, your photo on TV each night. Media Whores was possibly being groomed for the role, but sadly kept going off script……and would prefer to try and pay our own way, if at all possible.

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4 thoughts on “Operation Talpiot – Rise of the White Nationalists….& ‘Smart’ Cities”

  1. Jack says:

    In the paper today in the letters to the editor, it was mentioned that Nathan Guy has 21 houses/properties. That is a lot of properties. Winston Peters must have a similar number. So what’s the scam, or series of scams involved..
    In July 2013 when it was discovered that they were planning to 1080 poison 450,000 hectares of including pristine NZ virginal forest, full of birdlife and Kiwi (note that Kiwi call nearly totally disappeared from the Heaphy track after 1080 poison)(it is unsure whether the Kiwi died mostly from poisoning by 1080, or by the scientifically established many times, massive stoat invasion that follows the use of 1080 poison).
    Once the “shock” was over, the first thing done was to check out the NZ companies website and look at the papers belonging to the company that manufactures 1080 poison to see what was going on “animal control products limited”. The annual report for the previous year noted that their company was in a position to fall over, that there had not been a rat invasion for at least 10 years. That their book value had gone down from some $5 million to some $3 million.
    A book value loss of nearly $2 million book value in only 1 year.
    With the totally blatant hint that a rat invasion was the only thing that would stop the company from effectively going bankrupt.
    The reply from the shareholders (Nathan Guy and Bill English with 50% each) was that it was their “key priority” that “animal control products” enter into financial surplus. That they would receive a visit from the NZ treasury.
    AND MAGICALLY enough a massive rat invasion was forcast for the following year, via a massive beech masting that did not take place, that would require the most massive 1080 poisoning of NZ birdlife by 1080 poison. 450,000 hectares. Which has gone up to over 1 million hectares.
    With a good estimate of 6 native birds poisoned to death very slowly, per hectare. The most massive native bird extermination disguised as legitimate pest control that NZ has ever known, until more recently when Robert Fenwick got “pest free NZ by 2050” permission to 1080 poison the whole country.
    So how much money did Nathan Guy make for his 50% shareholding of animal control products, and how much money did Bill English make from his 50% shareholding. Making their money by the deliberate poisoning to death of at least 2.5 million native birds including Kiwi.
    This company “animal control products” appears to change shareholders with each change of Government, that its profits are one of the “perks of the job”. Certainly Winston Peters promise to stop 1080 poison, as part of his election platform has not eventuated.

    1. mediawhores says:

      yes and being carefully placed at the top of search by google’s ‘advanced algorithms’, while ours is disappeared most days.
      welcome to the “AI’ run by soviet programmers based in israel

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