Santos Bonacci Update – the Flat Earth Torus


Featured Image – the flat disc at the center of the electromagnetic torus field that we all live in/on….lovingly referred to as Earth, a Hebrew play on the word Heart. 


Well, everything has been revealed as promised, but nobody really paid much attention to it….

Santos Bonacci appears to have run out of steam a bit, having already cracked the entire matrix code.

One small update below, and a couple more of his best….for anyone still curious about where they live……and why the Government insists on vaccinating you and your family……

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2 thoughts on “Santos Bonacci Update – the Flat Earth Torus”

    1. mediawhores says:

      did it 12 months ago.
      shit got quickly out of hand.
      deleted it
      should be no need to spill blood. just purify it
      keep your fluids to yourself 🙂

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