Google “Thumbs its Nose” at NZ’s Corrupt Justice System


Featured Image – Bruce Twentyman of Taupo, personal friends with Taupo Mayor David Trewavas, and recently exposed online by Palmy Creep Catchers for trying to sexually groom underage boys online and then trying to make sex dates with them in local Taupo parks. Local police have thus far refused to investigate or charge this pedophile, presumably because he is well connected, and the man who exposed him was arrested instead and sent before Judge Lance Rowe. Total lawlessness by a justice system that serves pedophiles and not the public who are forced to fund them. 


Well well well

Good on Google aye. Refusing to action a court order to protect pedophiles……presumably….

Listen to this Herald media whore argue it is all about ‘protecting victims’ – we are over it you clown  – it is clear as day that all they do is protect each other…….

As Kiwis are learning – the NZ justice system is corrupt to the very core. It is clear that they specialize in protecting pedophiles and we have long standing allegations that the Bar Association and judiciary (same thing) are in fact mafia controlled child sex and drug trafficking operations, and that even the chief justice Sian Elias is married to a serial child sex offender.

If you are abused by one of these inbred or ‘club member’ pedophiles, such as a Freemason, Exclusive Brethren, politician, doctor, or well connected businessman, the last thing you want to do is take it before NZ’s corrupt masonic / Crown courts. The courts will have the pedophile protected under name suppression in no time flat, then most likely suppress all of the evidence against the pedophile and then essentially put you on trial for the next year or two until the life is sucked out of you.

The best solution if you have evidence against one of these Government and judiciary protected pedophiles – and it seems clear now that there is an army of them out there – is probably to publish the evidence online yourself. At least that way the pedophile will be exposed and others will be kept safe. Forget about 12 months persecution/ prosecution in the corrupt masonic courts, just publish the evidence on line.

Try this one day – Google “name suppression”, then refine your search to New Zealand News, and set a time period of say 1 year. Actors, doctors, businessmen, politicians….it is a long long list of the well to do in NZ…it is a mile long. You could be reasonably mistaken for thinking this is all our judges do these days…protect pedophiles.

The NZ justice system is a complete failure – run by pedophiles for pedophiles by any serious analysis. These corrupt low life filthy Bar Association rats and their judicial overlords have failed miserably at the task of keeping our communities and children safe from sex offenders – indeed it seems their primary purpose is to protect the pedophiles – while also running the meth and heroin into NZ to keep it all going and the new Serco jails full.

They are pure filth. The filthiest rats in our society, period.

Good on Google – they should be cheered on by Kiwis for their response. The NZ justice system is a frigging joke. A disgrace.

And Kiwis should be encouraged to name and shame perverts and pedophiles online.

We should have a “Name a pedophile” campaign in NZ and actively encourage people to speak out. Media Whores has named many on this site for one.

The pedophile ring Bar Association and Judiciary are fighting to stop the flood gates from opening – because pedophilia is the number one cause of crime in young adults and thus what keeps them all in business. Government funded, sponsored and then protected child abuse, leading to youth crime, then jail, then a lifetime of crime. That is the formula these low life scum run.

What really needs to happen is for the NZ Bar Association and Judiciary to be rounded up and put in a labour camp to await trial themselves for the harm they have done to our communities and Nation. Then any good ones released once cleared.Or at least all put under house arrest, just as they do to anyone accused these days (strict bail conditions in contradiction to being ‘innocent until proven guilty’).

The Bar behind bars – and the Judiciary in jail !! Investigate them all for pedophilia. Then revert back to a Common Law system run by local communities.

A bunch of filthy thieving low life crooks – if not all pedophiles and drug traffickers themselves.

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