Has Malcom Rewa been Replaced?


Featured Image – ‘Malcom Rewa’ at recent court appearance. Apparently he is now a blond haired white man


Well talk about ‘rehabilitation’. Malcom Rewa is now apparently ‘saved’. He is no longer a Maori and is now a blond haired white man.

Check this out.


Has Malcom Rewa been replaced?

Media Whores has heard claims over the years that he was set up to begin with. It was probably a local MP, lawyer, judge or rich lister who was the serial rapist, and Rewa the easiest to frame. They use fake DNA tests, secret witnesses etc…..we see it over and over. In fact, it is the norm for the NZ justice system.

And maybe the guy just refused to lay down and roll over – so now we have some white mason standing in for him at court…..

That’s how these pedophile satanists running our Government & justice system roll…….cover up after cover up….

And if someone you know tries to claim that Maori go white and blond in jail……well you got yourself another potential pedophile satanist right there…….

Covered up by the pedophile satanists that run our media also of course…as per usual…..


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2 thoughts on “Has Malcom Rewa been Replaced?”

  1. Decades long imprisonment had the same effect on Nelson Mandela. He went into prison a monster terrorist and came out a pale Saint with his hair the colour of snow. Is Malcolm Rewa being set up as the new savour?

    1. mediawhores says:

      the final solution for maori
      wonder what has happened to the poor man though. ffks. bet he refused to bend over. or was part of the masonic act the entire time. sending fear and panic through nz society for a decade. priceless for the pedophile judiciary

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