The Race of Shape Shifting Lizards Living Among Us – Mark Zuckerberg


Featured Image – Mark Zuckerberg and his lawyer shapeshifting in the video below.


There is a race of shapeshifting lizards / snakes living among us.

They are the demons and snakes of scripture, most likely from a dimension we cannot see  – what we probably refer to as ‘time’ – and enter into our 3 dimensional plane/T via the process of ‘demonic possession’. Thus the words ‘demon’/ dimension. You open yourself up to this demonic possession, by these demons, by essentially not looking after your health eg) eating dead animals, addiction to drugs and sex etc, but also via trauma, which is why these pedophile snakes are so big on child abuse. Traumatic child abuse often leads to demonic possession if not treated.

This is why the judiciary are apparently trying to legalize pedophilia in New Zealand and other countries – because they want to turn as many human children into vessels for demons as they can. Conquering the entire World is the end goal.

New Zealand’s Most Corrupt Degenerate Judge – Kevin Phillips of Queenstown

They control our media and our Govern-ments, and therefore our minds. Not to mention the medicine / medi-sin industry which is now controlling the minds of up to 1 in 3 adults across the Western World. Most modern day medications contain a level of pharmaceutical grade heroin in them, making their users/ addicts mulled out all day long, thus easy to mind control.

Medi-a, Govern-ment, medi-cines. Controlling the human mind.

All three are named after the elite Medici Family. One of the ruling – and very much hidden – Persian bloodline families. If you own the media, it is not hard to make sure you are never mentioned. Rupert Murdoch does their bidding and is just a lower level puppet. They are Persian snakes. Shape shifting androgynous / transgender snakes who became demoniacally possessed long ago.

The Farnese is another one. Again very well hidden.

All of the British Royals are of the Farnese Persian bloodline. As are the Rothschilds. But all of them are just lower level puppets really, like Soros, Murdoch and Trump etc – the lower level public faces of their Global mind control empire.

Almost every global politician and Hollywood star is of one of these elite family bloodlines, and almost all of them are transgender. All of them probably.

Many if not the vast majority of these snakes claim to be Jewish of course, but most Jews would be best described as their tax collectors more than anything – and the ones always hung out to dry whenever these elite snakes start to lose control of the narrative and thus world affairs.

Apparently these shape shifting ‘elite’ snakes want to turn the human race all into transgendered androgynous snakes also – to better suit their agenda….and apparently so it will be legal for them to have sex with kids….which is just a lead in to all sorts of satansim they are involved in.

These ruling Persian snakes have attempted this many times in the past – but have always failed. Thus why the human race still exists to this day.

Mixture of stuff below – all ‘related’, shape shifting inbred snake satanism…..


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