Media Whores Weekend Property with Mike Bayley


Featured Image – Mike Bayley of Bayleys Real Estate. It must takes hours to get the grease perfect in the hair like that. Note the one little curly piece at the front? Perfect. You got yourself a well tuned and oiled  ‘entrepreneur’ right there. 


The World we live in is run by a small group of highly inbred slippery transgender shape shifting oily snakes.

Underneath them is a small army of billionaire and multimillionaire snakes, most of them interbred, interelated and also transgenders.

Most of them are Masons – the transgender religion of these shape shifting androgynous snakes.

They pretty much own everything and bribe and control what appears to be another small army of pedophile politicians on both the left and the right so as to maintain control of everything election after election and therefore their wealth and control. This is called a Sodomocracy, as opposed to a Democracy.

They then like to prance around the place in high fashion, not least on Cup Day, referring to themselves as “entrepreneurs” – despite never really starting anything of any real value to society, nor seldom ever having an original thought of their own.

They lie and deceive – and apparently many of them lust after small children in their spare time.

And that about sums up the property market…..with possibly the small addition that some of those new hi tech smoke alarms are actually spying on you and your children and take your photograph in the dark when they flash, with that data then fed back to your pedophile property manager or landlord’s PC. As do many of the new TV’s.

Not that we in any way would wish to imply that any of this has anything to do with Mike Bayley – but we do know that he is involved in criminal corporate behavior as well as into occult symbolism and haven’t heard much from him since he last had our website illegally shut down due to our exposing the Housing Minister Nick Smith pedophile ring allegations and then paid for a pervert / corrupt P.I to stalk us around……so wondering if he might be interested in any further comment?

And has anything really changed under Labour’s Housing Minister Phil Twyford  – or is it still the same old masonic fisting that only serves these demonic inbred slimy corrupt elites?

Mike Bayley & the Nick Smith MP Child Sex Abuse Allegations

Bayleys’ MD, Mike Bayley: It’s all about people




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