Heath Ledger is Obama – & a Shape Shifter


Featured Image – Heath Ledger’s entire top row of teeth drop out of form into jagged snakes teeth during this interview (video below). 


There is a kind of man whose teeth are like swords And his jaw teeth like knives..” Proverbs 30:14

“…..shatter their teeth in their mouth; Break out the fangs of the young lions…” – Hebrews 58:6

“…..Who devise evil things in their hearts; They continually stir up wars. They sharpen their tongues as a serpent; Poison of a viper is undertheir lips. ” Psalms/140-3


Media Whores was a bit unsettled by the idea that we had posted a number of Obama sape shifting videos of late, and then came out and posted some stuff alleging that Heath Ledger is actually Obama. How can both be correct?

Simple – Heath Ledger is one of these demonic shape shifting snakes also….and thus we see Obama shape shifting on camera also. Obama is Heath Ledger….and he is a snake.

There is a bloodline of these demonic snakes living among us. And the more demonic and evil they become, the worse their shape shifting becomes.

They are usually very wealthy types, rich listers and the likes, and their demonic shape shifting children usually like to pose as artists and actors, funded by their wealthy parents, if they do not go into the family business itself.

Heath Ledger’s father is one of these very wealthy ‘elite’ types – and looks like a masonic snake. In fact we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that ‘Ledger’ is another of these made up names – they usually have very much Eastern European/ Austrian/ Polish and Germanic sounding family names but many of these families have changed them, often to hide from the crimes of their forefathers and mothers from days gone by…….like snakes changing their skin.


Take a look for yourselves on line, we can’t say for sure where the shape shifting / demonic blood line comes from – the dad or the mum…..there is now step parents also making it a bit more confusing. Also one of Lorde’s parents, another example of these lying deceitful masonic snake families with a spoiled little shape shifting brat held up as a role model for youth…stealing prizes and money from real people in the categories ‘she’ enters into. Its the same story over and over – some sort of secretive and oddly wealthy family background, usually with ties to the so called ‘Holocaust’ and Great Wars, usually emanating from Eastern Europe, then a spoiled little demonic brat child who has a meteoric rise to success in the public view. Think Taika Waititi, John Key, etc. Same old story over and over…..Shape shifting snakes in drag……

Think about it, Heath Ledger gets called up for the role of ‘The Joker’ in the ‘Dark Night’ Batman movie where he plays the role of a ‘shape shifting’/ undead demon who goes on a rampage, staging terrorism across the USA while holding everyone to ransom. Exactly what Obama did. It was staged terrorism and attempted unconstitutional gun grabbing from week one. Same with Trump now to be fair – another of these shape shifting snakes.

Heath Ledger was groomed for, and indeed perfect for, the ‘role’. Now a snake of the highest order.

The ends justifies the means with these demonic inbred snakes.

They always tell you what they are going to do folks. That is part of the masonic snake modus operandi – as it helps elevate the karma for their deeds, in the rules of the masonic occult.

This tribe of filthy snakes have staged the entire war of terror, all of the staged terrorism we have seen on TV…….as the excuse to invade and takeover the entire Middle East, as well as to spy on everything we do, so that they can continue to prance around the world stage as multimillionaires – posing as our saviors and leaders.

The are pure satanic filth. The lot of them.

Keep in mind that these filthy snakes currently run NZ also – our government, media, medical system and education system. They are ones teaching gay sex to primary school kids. The same ones constantly covering up their pedophilia scandals in our Nations. Pedophilia scandals surround them where ever they go. Not least in Hollywood.

Kiwis need to identify them, and keep your kids away from them. Especially the doctors, judges, lawyers and MP’s. They usually disguise themselves with fashion and glamorous houses and cars etc, and keep an eye out for the shape shifting fangs……..


The image above is a screen shot from around 40-41 seconds into this clip, as Heath Ledger gets a bit excited while being interviewed by another snake no doubt. He giggles like a snake being abused as a child for the very first time (something most of these families seem to be big on) and then looks up above for ‘guidance’. Demonic. Hollywood is crawling with them.

In this next video Heath plays the part of a rattled drug addict – in preparation for the staged death a few months later. Already playing the role.

One thing you will note with these inbred demonic snakes – is that their appearance is constantly changing – making them great for these roles as politicians as well as in movies. Many Kiwis will know one of these demonic snakes personally….the local rich kid usually, the one with access to all of the drugs and the best parties, and seemingly with no moral backbone at all. Usually a pervert. Most likely seriously abused as a child themselves…and destined for the same later in life. A life of deceiving and thieving. The ones who are awarded name suppression by our corrupt judiciary almost every week in the papers……


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