More Shape Shifting Snakes in New Zealand….Vinny Eastwood


Featured Image – see below. Bit too close to the truth??


Check it out….not just in the Nation…running it !

An infestation of snakes…..

Looks like someone else figured it out also…….

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5 thoughts on “More Shape Shifting Snakes in New Zealand….Vinny Eastwood”

  1. Vinny is just another pastor click bait troll, claims to do his work for free for the greater good while pleading poverty and promoting the new age agenda deception being pushed by David Kike! According to them the truth is free but donations and book sales helps the cause and Vinny just loves to plead poverty like any church or charity!

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      mediawhores says:

      yeah man
      also always asks for help paying his rent, but is renovating his house at the same time
      very odd
      and this gf of his he keeps asking for money for? anyone ever seen her? apparently she is always sick.
      id be checking his basement for small children

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    Trample on snakes says:

    The holographic post was buzzy as. I reckon thats why they have a blurred background of what appears to be a city when they do the news etc, all just part of their circus/freak show.

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