Morgellons, Food Additives & Chemtrails – Steve Bayliss


Featured Image – Steve Bayliss – Group General Manager Marketing – Foodstuffs Group NZ. This man is a dirty low life snake who should be arrested immediately and chucked in a labour camp, with all of his assets seized. He is the modern day equivalent of a Nazi gas chamber commander. Media Whores for one would quite like the opportunity to wipe that smirk off his slimy corporate face. 


How did NZ end up in a situation were 95% of the food in our supermarkets is toxic to the human body, despite being one of the biggest food producers per capita on the planet? Simple – low life corporate scum, bribery, back door dealing….and a pathetic bunch of ‘liberal’ pedophiles being bribed as our politicians.

Below is a very good video explaining the chemical reactions that are occurring in your intestines and body when you mix some of the poisonous food additives and preservatives with each other and with the likes of sugar, some alcohols, and even the air your are breathing after the chemtrails are sprayed in the air.

This is what is causing all of the obesity and outright ugliness we see around these days. 90% of Kiwis have these sorts of chemical reactions and growths occurring in their bodies on a daily basis and it is killing them.

When these chemical reactions occur in your body you will feel the symptoms, which include itchy skin, skin sores and legions, insomnia or oversleeping and tiredness, joint pain and stiffness, bouts of anger, depression and moodiness and many more, depending on what mix of toxins you have consumed.

Children and young adults have a much higher nature immunity to battle and detox from these poisonous reactions whilst older people suffer more.

The only way to avoid such poisoning and the resulting diseases and symptoms is to only eat a pure food diet – ideally raw. No processed foods at all, including no processed sugars (or ideally no sugar at all), no fluoridated water, not even any of those trendy new “natural flavours” being snuck into many of the ‘organic’ foods and drinks these days which most likely contain the HEK293 aborted human baby fetus proteins.

You are being murdered – while low life corporate scum like Steve Bayliss stuff their pockets and smirk at you.

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3 thoughts on “Morgellons, Food Additives & Chemtrails – Steve Bayliss”

  1. Jack says:

    It was reported in Saturdays newspaper that FEDERATED FARMERS have been pursuing the ability to have GMO prevention powers withdrawn from local Councils.

    That FEDERATED FARMERS have only just withdrawn their legal efforts to cause or enable GMO infestation in New Zealand, by removing the power of the local Councils over GMO.

    This is the same FEDERATED FARMERS that have consistently refused to take notice of the top class peer reviewed British research completed in 2008, that totally established that TB is spread most AFTER POISON APPLICATION for pest control.

    That in fact TB is found to be spread by animals travelling large distances to find new mates, and pick up TB from the ground itself and by travelling such large distances to find new mates, thereby cause the TB to be spread onto other land and grass areas.

    MEANING that FEDERATED FARMERS by not opposing the use of 1080 poison in New Zealand, because it massively increases the potential of spreading TB, have in fact not merely aligned, but are found to be in collusion with spreading TB throughout NZ’s dairy and beef herds. Via the use of aerial 1080 poison.

    It therefore appears without a doubt that FEDERATED FARMERS are a Zionist corporate controlled body, and do not actually work for the NZ farmers at all, and thereby need to be totally dismantled. As having become the most dangerous enemy of NZ farmers. HENCE the real reason the past head of Federated Farmers got a knighthood, NOT for value to NZ Farmers, but for value to the Zionist corporate agenda.

    1. mediawhores says:

      ands the supermarket gas chambers are ‘optional’
      now that these corporate snakes have removed most competition from the game

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