National MP Dr Shane Reti on the Shape Shifting Snakes Conspiracy…


Featured Image – National MP Dr Shane Reti, could do with a dentist for those lower teeth old boy

Media Whores is reaching out for comment from National MP Dr Shane Reti on the shape shifting snake bloodline conspiracy……and asks does he agree the two main things to look out for are shape shifting teeth and snake eyes/ irises? Do they all wear reading glasses to try and hide their shape shifting snake eyes?

Could he also explain to voters the European side of his heritage and tell us if it is Eastern European by chance? And why has he chosen to omit this from his Wikipedo page? Is he not proud of it? Even though he is quite clearly in the ‘club’ as a doctor and MP? How about that expensive education overseas mate? Family / bloodline related?

Perhaps also – how can he consider himself to be a ‘leader’ if he is unable to even call out and spot the government backed terrorism being staged in his local electorate?

Whangarei “Shooting Victim” Company Doesn’t Exist – Kosher False Flag / Hoax ?

Oh shucks one more question – what are the chances that he were to grow some balls and speak out about the Justin Davis Files which allege we have doctors all up and down the Nation drugging and raping kids both inside and outside their practices? Or is that not very important? Not least given the spate of teen suicides in his region?

Dear God- the state of it. Its like an alien frigging invasion happening before our very eyes…….and invasion of inbred snakes. And child abuse scandals follow them where ever they go……..

At Least Three More “Suspected” Whangarei Suicides in Past Few Days – Sheryl Mai

Check out the news reader’s teeth also………they run the media after all…..

Whangarei “Shooting Victim” Company Doesn’t Exist – Kosher False Flag / Hoax ?

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