Luke 10:19 Trample on Snakes


Folks – Media Whores is pleased to announce the beginning of the snake trampling season.

It only comes around every few thousand years, but is now upon us.

It is important to note that none of us should “rejoice” in this task, but just be thankful that the job is ours to do.

To restore justice and honor to our wonderful Nation. And stop all of the child abuse.

Let’s get on with it 🙂


See, I have given you authority to tread on snakes and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy. Nothing will harm you. 20 Nevertheless, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven. – Luke 10:19

Trample on Snakes

Note – physically stamping on these snakes has risks. Start by calling them out as snakes in the first instance….and take it from there.

Sane / living human beings do NOT do business with snakes, nor vote for snakes, nor get spiritual, medical or legal advice from snakes, nor hand over their children to snakes, nor fund / give money to snakes. Nor sit there night after night worshiping snakes on their TV sets. 

These snakes will eat dust. Isaiah 65-25

PS: here is a hint – watch the eyes and the teeth, but most of all, you will know them by their deeds 😉

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs [and the judiciary]  in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis

Welcome to the New Age 🙂

The Synagogue of Satan – Judge Raoul Neave


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3 thoughts on “Luke 10:19 Trample on Snakes”

  1. Jack says:

    So how on earth could a totally new economy be designed for New Zealand? And then just as suddenly totally disappear. Simple, ask the Auckland police.

    Major players of course are the “totally corrupt” NZ police, as per the exact words of description by Ross Meurant, ex team leader red squad on radio talk back. “Totally corrupt”. Once the New Zealander had by the skin of his Biblically lucky teeth managed to shake off the deliberately falsified German documentation to have him killed in New Zealand “we have sent documentation to New Zealand Mr………, that should have you held in custodial care for quite some time”.

    He got to work building a business from scratch, as he had been deported to New Zealand, from Germany, so drugged he couldn’t walk, talk or clean himself. With documentation to have him killed in NZ. Real nice.

    The problem was that he held an NZ passport even though he never wanted to ever return to NZ with its massive police corruption that he had experienced and retaliated against..

    Within about 4 months after Germany he had some 20 people working for him, and closer to 40 people working by the end of 12 months, and doubling income and hence financial momentum every 12 months for 3 years, to the point of franchise expansion, on two separate business fronts. Business developments of 3 years were very successfull.

    At the same time as the franchise development was being set into place, another even more important project had come to light that held the power to totally improve the NZ economy and massive job creation of good quality jobs, and especially in the arts and crafts and organic farming area.

    Two other very experienced businessmen collaborated with him on this project, and merely the Maori arts and culture aspect had a letter from a very excited Tainui elder Eru Thompson put in writing “open all offices of Maoridom to these three Rangitira”. Very big words “open all offices of Maoridom”, but only a small part of the project being developed would have seen NZ Maori arts and crafts attain massive international popularity with supply being unable to match demand. And therefore the job market being unable to match demand for Maori arts and crafts. Thousands of jobs lost simply due to massive NZ police corruption. The tourism aspect was just as powerful, if not more powerful, working on developing historical tourism, where families would visit on a must visit and ongoing historical basis. So that tourism had the power to take over dairy farming as the financial backbone. All stolen by NZ Police corruption.
    But then the supply of good quality jobs and the personal dignity that comes with that, would see a massive reduction on pedophile access to peoples children.
    Eru Thompson sadly died of a heart failure a few years ago, after the Auckland City council lied to him and continued with 1080 poison application of the Hunua lakes, effectively poisoning the Auckland water supply with 1080 poison, that kills everything and is a known endocrine disruptor at parts per trillion.

    The Auckland mayor at the time said of Eru Thompson, “a mighty Totara has fallen”, and since it was the corrupt lies of the Auckland City Council that caused Eru Thompson to die effectively of a broken heart, Len Brown the then Auckland mayor got nick named “Lumberjack Len”. For the effective murder of Eru Thompson.

    All this very expensive and time consuming business development was being funded by the hard work of the NZer, who must remain unnamed, in question. This being the one the Germans tried to kill. There was a considerable passport problem taking place, so he couldn’t get back to Australia where his family and previous business existed. No doubt the threat to tackle the German economy head on, to the point of semi destruction, once he got back with his Aussie mates, contributed to the passport problems. That still exist. Trapped in NZ by Nazis. Sound impossible ??? Maybe. But the guy in question was a business design and marketing design specialist.

    But that wasn’t all. It was then just after the fireworks of 2000, he found that a team of Auckland police were contacting people to set him up. Seriously nasty stuff, with work vehicles disappearing and ending up in tow yards, with no documentation etc.

    So he was left with a choice of either shutting up shop or running the risk of assassination attempts in Auckland. By collusion within the ranks of the Auckland police. Gregg Halletts material shows just how corrupt the Auckland and NZ police actually are. Ross Meurant describes it more correctly as “totally corrupt”, meaning satanic Nazi Zionist pedophiles.

    The assassination attempts in Auckland didn’t bother him as much as the fact that his skills in looking after himself meant that he could end up getting charged with murder or manslaughter. Being the sort of guy who would just grab a gun aimed at him and jam it down the assassins throat and up his backside simultaneously and forget to stop pulling the trigger, while smashing the assailants head into the wall. His fitness training at the time was Thai kick boxing and Brazilian Ju Jitsu and hard work training sub contractors at various skills, and marketing teams at various skills. A very busy working around the clock type of person.

    The fact that stood out most of all was that the business projects that had been developed were too important to NZ to run the risk of the Auckland police corruption getting lucky. In those days it was not known of the Zionist Nazi association with the satanic pedophile networks within the NZ police.

    At one stage an ex employee who wrote an affidavit on his behalf was subject to investigation and cross examination by the diplomatic protection squad.

    So around mid 2000, he just walked out on the business and hit the South Island, and then discovered the Waka reversal at Bluff, and 1080 poison in June 2001, at Nelson where it was being applied in a place called Canaan.

    Also the book “song of Waitaha” turned up at Nelson when he put out strong energy regarding what the hell was going on with the 1080 poison of NZ native birds in Canaan.

    In Nelson where he had disappeared to, he stopped work for several months and having done several years of animal science at University studied the scientific documents for 1080 poison and went out talking to people in the Nelson and environs area and seeing what was really going on. Only to find that it was a total load of bullsh*t and that ground pest control was at least twice as cheap with a zero native bird kill.

    Suggest 100,000 high paying jobs at the very least lost, massive arts and crafts development lost, massive infrastructure tourism development lost, massive product export lost, massive Maori culture development lost, while massive pedophile Zionist Satanism development occurs instead. That Auckland police aka Auckland Council minders, have a lot to answer to, and should have all their assets seized as proceeds of crime against the people of New Zealand.

  2. Jack says:

    Several questions remain to be answered regarding the reversal of the Waka of Aotearoa and the removal of the Messiah from the naming of the land itself. By the current Maori culture.

    “In the beginning was the word”, similarly refers to “in the beginning was the land”, as a sacred geometric form that “controls the electric light bodies of human beings”.

    It being very clear that before there are humans around, the land must be present. The land of course is Papatuanuku, the earth mother. It is obviously very necessary to bring these more esoteric matters into a more simple understanding.

    The main question revolves around the main problem just in Tuesday 29th May 2018 paper, “whale strandings”. Whales locate themselves via electromagnetic energy. This energy reversal would obviously totally distort the direction finding ability of whales. Certainly New Zealand is the only country on the face of the earth to have only outgoing electromagnetic energy, and no incoming electromagnetic energy.

    But reversing the direction of the Waka or the “rainbow cloaked” “Ark/Waka of the South Island”, and removing the sacred fish from the naming, or the power of the word of the land itself, would logically be much like chucking a huge rock into a still water pond. Totally mess everything up. Meaning that whales that are supersensitive to energy would get lost, and also people, who may also be supersensitive to energy could just as easily get lost. Due to massive electromagnetic internal distortions.

    THE NEXT POINT is the question of which “sacred fish”, “Messiah”, of the 3 Abrahamic religions, is the “removal of the Messiah” from the naming of the land. Is it the Jewish Messiah, or the Islamic Messiah, or is it the Christian Messiah. Since each of these Abrahamic religions have their own Messiah.
    What is known is that the Waitaha peace nation (see Barry Brailsford “song of Waitaha” 1998, that Ngai Tahu tried to stop the production of), set in place the Peace Waka, Peace Ark (which must therefore be the Ark of the promised land) some 80 human generations ago. Which at 26 years per generation makes it some 2080 years ago. Meaning that it fits primarily with setting into place around 0 AD, the birth or berthing of the “Christian Messiah”.

    New Zealand in those days was known as “the garden”, and no one with anger was allowed to remain in the garden. It became a place of international awareness mind training, over many years of time, in fact part of a religious migration route for over 1000 years. Thereby embodying the power of the “peace millennium” of 1000 years, into the memory of the birdsong of the land.

    Obviously this also fits with the Christian Messiah, because the Christian Messiah, Jesus Christ, restored the legendary Adam and Eve (the original loving human couple), back into the mythological garden. ALSO the fact is that

    They lived in New Zealand for some 1200 years before the “war worshipping priests” (black magicians) invaders totally destroyed them. They hid their oral transmission “behind the rainbow”, and was mostly preserved by Tainui. The fact is very clear that there is a huge difference between the term “peaceful warrior” and “war worshipping warrior”. One is obviously the total inversion of the other.

    The legend of Kiwi, once the most glorious bird in the forest “of the garden” came to us via Tainui. That legend also tells us that the legendary “King of the Birds”, once lived in the Isles of heavenly peace. Which existed at the far ends of the earth. For over 1000 years New Zealand was the Isles of heavenly peace.

    Some have attributed these Isles as being the UK, but it is obviously New Zealand. Jesus Christ has commonly in medieval texts been referred to as “the true phoenix”. The true King of the birds and of birdsong. New Zealand birdsong has this memory tied into it, the binding of the eternal peace Waka (Ark of the Covenant) to the earth. For over 1000 years.

    Inverting this legendary “king of the birds” value to something wicked, is just that, the inversion of good to wicked. Which is a fundamental Zionist ploy, to pit these 3 Abrahamic religions against each other and thereby dominate the earth. . At the end of the day we must be able to relate all the understandings to some value in the natural world “the divine presence” around us.

    The most clarity of unusual geometric power present in this is in the main two measurements that gave birth to the Aeon of Pisces. In those days Easter island was called “the birthing place of the earth”, and Mahia peninsular was called “the tip of the fish hook of Maui”. The tip of the fish hook is obviously the point of power by which to catch the sacred fish. The distance from Jerusalem to Easter Island and also to Mahia Peninsular is exactly 16,555 km.

    They also claimed that “without birdsong there is no garden”, meaning in effect that without birdsong there is no restored garden and therefore no restored Adam and Eve in the garden.

    Therefore by destroying the birdsong of the garden, in New Zealand, one effectively destroys the power of the Christ sacrifice for the Zionist takeover. Hence one can see that one of the primary aims of the Zionists is to totally destroy the birdsong in New Zealand. They do this with 1080 poison and disguise it as pest control.

    The New Zealander who discovered all this stuff is the same New Zealander who around 1995 went into Germany and whose primary words spoken were “my people are in danger”, and then “if you don’t give me what I have come here for then this is how me and my Aussie mates will semi destroy your economy”. Thereby giving the Germans no choice but to kill him. It was at this time that a great power of God came down upon the New Zealander, and the words “it is done” were spoken through his mouth. These words were not spoken by the New Zealander but by God speaking through him, once this final stage of no return had been completed. Meaning that in fact the New Zealander at this stage discovered the truth of the Christ sacrifice, when the words “it is done”, were spoken by Jesus Christ on the cross, just before death. That in fact this proved that the Christ sacrifice had taken place as a real incident, and also that it is on the cross that God accepted the power of the Christ sacrifice as “accepted”.

    There is much much more to this story, including the development of a whole new economic future for New Zealand, that this same New Zealander discovered, only once he had realised personally, the reality and the truth of the Christ sacrifice, in Germany, when fronting up to take on the power of Nazism alone. That the place of power of the acceptance by God of the Christ sacrifice, was at this moment “on the cross”.

    Hence the words “take up your cross and follow me”. As presumably a fundamental attack by the Zionists on the integrity of Christianity, by trying to remove this “peaceful warrior” power. Thereby promoting the worship of war and the cannibalism of human flesh by the war machine. Which has its logical origin, by the looks, in the reversal of the Waka of Aotearoa.

    That the destruction of birdsong in New Zealand is a fundamental plan by the Zionists. By Satan. By the synagogue of Satan. It is also quite obvious in that one of the names of Satan is “the poison of God”. Which is manufactured by Zionists no doubt, in the USA. Because 1080 poison is manufactured in the USA.

    1. mediawhores says:

      incredibly info as usual.
      the two fish, south island, north island.
      my guess is the entire planet actually mirrors the zodiac above.
      aussie will logically be the Ram. Or if in the other direction, it could be Aquarius. i’d guess the ram
      only energy out of nz?
      that will be the magnetic energy. thus all of the tourists/ terrorists from around the globe each year.
      magnetism is from iron/ iron phosphate. the 12th of the cell salts that make up the pillar/ temple of man.
      which is the Piscean/ fish cell salt – C.J

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