Drug Foundation Chief Executive Ross Bell on Adrenochrome


Featured Image – Drug Foundation chief executive Ross Bell – very creepy – with a “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” poster behind him – pure masonic scripting right there. 


Folks, it is really important that you do not let these new age masonic looking Government funded people anywhere near your children, not least in the schools. Especially the ones who want to teach them about drugs, gay sex, transgender ‘lifestyles’, NASA, vaccines…and climate change.

Ask yourself, why has the Drug Foundation chief executive Ross Bell got that poster behind him in these PR shots? Media Whores is seeking comment….

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3 thoughts on “Drug Foundation Chief Executive Ross Bell on Adrenochrome”

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    Jack says:

    What about these new types of speed cameras they are putting up all over the place disguised as being for the “security of the public”. They are so good that facial recognition software can identify every person in a vehicle. They are already doing it in cities in “communist” China and some supermarket chains.

    Those camera’s would have to be an elite pedophile organisation or assassination squads dream come true. Disguised as always as the public good.

    They have recently found that “smart speakers” in people’s houses are in fact recording peoples private conversations, and obviously voice recognition software would easily pick up the voice of Brendon O’Connell and the voices of those he associates with, along with vehicle and house location details etc. Or any person that fits into the delete or delay or interrogate option.

    As part of the Zionist 6 eyes infestation, where all material from the 5 eyes of the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK, goes back to the Zionist Nazi headquarters in Israel. Who have moved heavily into the “smart home” industry. Of course they wouldn’t be using facial recognition or voice recognition software in Israel would they?

    That is exactly what they will be doing with those new camera’s and that is exactly the reason the very entrenched Auckland City Council pedophile ring, supported by the Auckland City Council pedophile enabling police (according to the Justin Davis files and the sworn affidavit and other material of Gregg Hallett) will be putting those camera’s around the City. With the main target now and over time being peoples children, removing fathers from the children, removing mothers from the children, because the childrens blood and bone marrow and tortured flesh is their drug of choice. That is what these new camera’s are really for isn’t it.

    To enable access to more and more children and remove evidence and opponents of the planned satanic Zionist Nazi pedophile “world wide pedophile religion” infestation.
    Can these new camera’s identify children in cars and the people associated with that child or group of children, and trace them down or put them onto their elite pedophile network kiddie trade forum or auction site. Assisted by their puppets in the schools, as the Canadian evidence last year was that the highest levels of active pedophiles were found to be teachers in the schools.

    After all they obviously already have teams out suiciding children and youths, just like the mass murder of the Bain family, to get rid of the evidence, then those same teams can pick up children picked from a kiddie fiddlers lineup of photographs at any time they want to, just as easily.

    As a thought the people in the UK, who now suffer the ongoing massive levels of child abuse and child torture and gang rape of children, via the inbred political pedophile regime running their country, ALL BECAUSE of the massive corruption of Lowell Goddard, Sian Elias, Chris Finlayson, Bill English, Nick Smith and John Key, organising the total rail roading of that elite pedophile inquiry, could do with a long overdue reply…..

    How about an online lottery across the UK, $5 to $20 each, with 100,000 tickets and the winner gets a free trip to New Zealand, becomes a sheriff of the Common Court of Law, and becomes the the lucky one to hang ——— by the neck from an Oak tree to see how well and how long, she dances on the end of a rope. After a Common Court of Law is set up, as is “the peoples” legal entitlement, and determines her fate.

    After all it was Hillary Clinton who claimed, “they will lynch us if they find out what we have done”. So why not…

    In fact even more entertaining would be to give the lot of them a Columbian neck tie, each, in unison and then a vote on which of them dances the best and the longest on the end of a rope. To the party tune of “tie a yellow ribbon around the old Oak tree”.

    A great party could be held by the watchers on site, who can each tie another yellow ribbon around the old Oak tree while waiting for the next bus load to arrive to be judged by the Common Court of Law.

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