Palmy Creep Catchers Update – back in Court 31st May Palmerston North


Featured Image – NZ judge Jim Large, apparently tasked with trying to legalize and/  or decriminalize pedophilia in New Zealand by ‘agreeing to judge’ those who expose pedophiles. Check out those teeth!


Palmy Creep Catchers will be back in the Palmerston North District Court tomorrow / May 31st folks, as NZ’s masonic justice system tries to legalize pedophilia by charging and prosecuting the young man who exposed pedophiles in Taupo and Palmerston North, under new “digital harm” laws apparently designed for this purpose (to protect pedophiles).

We apparently have over 96 million people watching that story, both in NZ and abroad, so will be sure to update readers as soon as we get news of the outcome.

Photo gallery below of some of the people so far involved – both directly and indirectly…..


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