The Mycoplasma Bovis Hoax



Fonterra farmers deserve little sympathy really.

You want to sell your soul to join some fruit loop satanic communist organization that mass murders cows and their offspring just so you can try and get rich, you deserve what you get.

In fact anyone that farms animals for a living deserves little sympathy. People who are apparently incapable of coming up with even one idea or skill that allows them to feed themselves, without leaching off other living beings like parasites, not least killing them all for money. It is clearly a form of psychosis.

But out of sympathy for the actual 150,000 odd harmless cows that the ‘Government’ are about to slaughter on the orders of their foreign masters, Media Whores thought we would point out the obvious again here.

Animals do not get sick, just the same as humans, as long as you leave them alone and do not poison them, vaccinate them, or feed them chemicals. There is only one disease known to any living being, cows included, and that is called ‘poisoned acidic blood’. ie) if these cows are actually sick at all and the whole thing has not been made up by the masons and Fonterra colluding together, then they have simply been poisoned. By design. And being poisoned is not contagious.

The slaughter of 150,000 cows in NZ has been timed for the Muslim/ Masonic holy days of Ramadan. Think Saudi Sheep deal – this is who controls you fools – the same satanists that control the religions, and thus our ‘Ministries’ and ‘Ministers’. Once again, you are participating in a masonic blood sacrifice ritual, as you all do on a lesser scale everyday of the week when you murder these poor animals for your ‘Profit’, so you can all drive around in overpriced and over sized 4wd’s pretending to be valuable members of society.

M. Bovis was first detected on the South Island farm of Aad Van Leeuwen, who has farmed in New Zealand for “33 years”.

There goes your masonic 33, and no doubt your main player/ culprit in this hoax. The man who kicked it all off.

This is how they communicate with each other – via masonic code, hidden in plain sight.

Note further down in the article his losses will be “$13 million”….So its got 666 masonic script written all over it folks, as per usual, as per every Government and big business related media hoax and scam. The meth testing hoax being another recent and obvious example. The Global Financial Crisis, Ebola, Zika, Fukashima, HIV, NASA, climate change…and on and on….on repeat. They rope you in, fool you, tax you and rob you blind…..often even of your life……because you are indeed blind.

And let’s not forget Waikato farmer Henk Smit…..”After 33 years of farming, the government’s decision on Mycoplasma bovis this afternoon will force Waikato farmer Henk Smit out of the industry.”

Again the 33.

Here is how it works folks…..

There is a small gang of interbred demonic snakes running the show. Everything they do is hoax. There is an endless stream of hoaxes and scams to try and figure out – all of which end up robbing you of your money – along with a never ending stream of child abuse scandals, which are always ignored and covered up. They use masonic / satanic symbolism in everything they do, 33’s, 13’s, 666 hand signals etc – but we are all to thick to figure it out, and instead believe everything they tell us, in fact we continue to vote for more of it. This is mostly due to our diets of blood and starch. You eat cattle, you become chattel. You eat sheep, you are fleeced and led to the slaughter, you eat pig…well, you are a pig. The food additives, vaccines and medicines also all poison you and give you brain damage.  In essence, you are what you eat and you get what you ask for.

You are the cattle. With about the same level of intelligence. You farm animals, the snakes farm you. You break God’s law of “Thou shat not kill” – so you are fair game. That is how the masonic rules operate. They even gave you a guide book to follow, which lays it all clearly out in black and white….then include their masonic codes and numbers in the entire operation each time…..and yet still, the sheeple eat it all up…..over and over…….even voting for it every 3 years……….and thus keep paying the price for their relentless stupidity.

Hope that helps in some small way.

Oh yeah, and they apparently all shape shift on camera, like demons…..






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