Jacinda Ardern ‘Baby’ Bump Updates


Featured Image – so called ‘Jacinda Ardern’…packing ham. Looks like Peter Thiel Ardern and Grant Robinson should perhaps be kept in separate rooms prior to the staged photo opps….


Still waiting on full details of the Palmy Creep Catchers hearing folks. We can confirm that he was bailed again for a case review hearing next month, on 4 charges of exposing pedophiles in the Taupo and Palmerston North communities – and thus hurting those pedophiles’ digital feelings. It is obviously a very hurtful experience to be exposed while trying to sex with kids. He will now face up to 12 months of bail conditions and court hearings as punishment for exposing pedophilia in NZ. Apparently one of the people he exposed was a Child Youth and Family worker and another one works with NZ police, and thus the mad scramble to cover it all up and silence the man. Another Synagogue of Satan pedophilia scandal cover up in full swing. We will update you once we get more details…..

In the meantime…everyone likes a nice baby story, so here are the latest ‘Jacinda Ardern’ baby bump updates….

(Been sitting here trying to figure out where to put the ‘ ‘ marks on this one…….a hoax within a hoax within a hoax)


It’s got bumps alright, but not where one might expect.

No further word on the whereabouts of the alleged boyfriend Clarke Gaylord, or if he has even been released from arrest….if he was indeed arrested to begin with that is.

Nor can we confirm the whereabouts of Peter Thiel.

Nor where exactly they all plan to actually get this baby from. CYF perhaps?

We are betting the baby finally ‘arrives’ slightly and somewhat surprisingly brown in appearance. That would be the most politically correct.

We can confirm however that you could get your very own baby bump for around $130….but keep in mind that you would also need an entire army of drug addict and/or sexual deviant media whores around you to actually create any interest in the whole scam to begin with…


Jack Tame is yet to comment on the above, but is clearly also very excited…..

Transvestigations – Is Jacinda Ardern actually Peter Thiel Dressed in Drag?

UK Guardian Reports on Clarke Gayford Arrest Story

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9 thoughts on “Jacinda Ardern ‘Baby’ Bump Updates”

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      note the wooden crosses?
      13 pieces of wood in total
      and the big penis in the middle
      the pedophile parliament to get its very own playground
      they will probably put cyfs kids in there on rotation

    2. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      also the brown snake bridge in the middle.
      and “rope swings” off the trees. indeed

      1. Reply
        Mektopath says:

        Fuckin right. Keep up the good work.

        If they want that public maybe we can catch them in the act. Recon the playground

          1. mediawhores says:

            have they removed it?
            it is also on that lighthouse ed blog we are linking to

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