The Shape Shifting Demons do not Die….


Featured Image – Keanu Reeves throughout history.

Got stuck on these shape shifter / demon videos again last night. Much like most people would watch a scary movie on cable to chill, except this stuff seems very much real.

There are various theories floating around:  from the living dead, to cloning the dead, to cloning the living, to stem cell replacement and blood drinking, to just plain old make up and silica prosthetics.

People can make up their own mind of course but Media Whores tends towards just plain old snakes. Shape shifting snakes. And it seems they do not die. The living dead. Some are now saying that these demons quite literally come up from under ground, where they actually live…so called ‘Hell’… they can try and have sex with human children and create the shape shifting fake ‘leaders’ of the future and thus continue to control our minds, generation after generation.

We actually think that all of this stuff about Israel and the Jews etc is merely an ongoing manufactured distraction from this real issue that the human race faces. The demons couldn’t give a shit if you are on the left or right, gay or straight, black or white, pro Israel or anti Israel… long as you take at least one position over another and are thus divided and stared away from reality…..shape shifting snakes living among us……running our media, medicine, govern-ment and justice system…..controlling our minds.

Keanu Reeves has since reinvented himself – again – as a rather fake looking fat dude, as all of these questions and photos of him started to emerge. He has also stared in movies called “Replicas” and “The Replacements” which now come up on most searches for his name and related topics….essentially multi million dollar Hollywood distractions from the real story. The deception runs deep…..

The other popular cover story/ side show is that these people are all transgenders, when what they are in fact is androgynous snakes….neither male nor female. The transgender a-gender is just part of the distraction and cover up….the more human beings they can convince to become transgenders, the easier it is for them to fit in.

Check out the draco right eye of Nicholas Devincinzo – one of the leading anti Israel figures on Youtube – and his jagged morphing teeth…….If you are buying into the whole Israel side show………you are being deceived by the snake…as Media Whores has often been. The Israel of the Bible is not a piece of land to begin with…..something we have often covered.

Al/ eL Pacino…….as the scolded child.

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