John Key – Draco Reptilian Shape Shifter


Featured Image – John Key doing a quick shape shift between dimensions / demons. Double eyelids and the tongue poking out the side of the mouth. We really need to stop feeding these snakes folks. 


Thought we would have a closer look at John Key today.

“You will know them by their deeds” and this demonic freak was one of the worst we have ever had. Cold as ice – the silent assassin. And was fiddling with Kiwi kids everywhere he went, with more primary school visits than any other PM on record. And a ‘daughter’ who was allegedly pimped out as a child and is now posting naked photos of herself handcuffed in hotel rooms, and a ‘son’ who’s favorite DJ track is “Cut me another line” and also posts half naked pics of himself all over the internet.

What you are looking for with these snakes is teeth that shape shift eg) missing teeth one minute, there the next, jagged snakes teeth, two rows of snake teeth one minute, one row the next, a tongue that pops out of the mouth randomly and can also seem to pop through the actual teeth, also shape shifting eyes, face and body. And eyes that dilate and shift as well as more than one set of eyes at times…as in the image of Key above.

Many of these snakes practice speaking with their mouths as closed as possible, often resulting in an awkward sounding lisp. Also another reason for the homosexual/ child abuse agenda….the more people walking around talking like snakes, the better….easier to fit in. (The number one cause of homosexuality is child abuse, somethings we have covered in previous articles). John Campbell being one very good example of a snake who tries to talk with his mouth nice and tight, more so recently as he watches his fellow snakes being exposed……

Many of them seem to have doppelgangers from history, suggesting they could be hundreds of years old, with some suggesting they drink human blood to maintain their youth, thus all of the never ending child abuse scandals and cover ups that surround them. Most of them also seem to use fake names and invent their histories, often even producing fake black and white news articles from history to back up their stories.

John Key on Pizza Gate – they apparently feed off human children these people….

The interviewer in this video doesn’t look much better off to be honest. Nor does Kim Dotcom really. Everything you see on TV is theater…..all sides controlled, and the outcome predetermined….by snakes….arguing with each other over how many millions they should be allowed to keep……and what visas they should each get…..Creating and maintaining the illusion of conflict on TV is Key to maintaining complete control…..and they are masters at it….been doing it for thousands of years……usually in the same bodies.

Watch as the teeth go from sharp to flat again, then jagged etc. With the tongue doing all sorts of magic tricks in the background…

And where do they come from, these shape shifting snakes? Somewhere in Eastern Europe apparently….but also a Persian link if you trace it back far enough. Just follow the Empires back through time….and wars and pedo scandals

Winston Peters shape shifting

Jacinda Ardern shape shifting

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One thought on “John Key – Draco Reptilian Shape Shifter”

  1. Remember John Key and Sarah Higgins! Remember what she worked tirelessly on before she died?
    Maybe she also knew the meth con was a myth. I knew it was when former cops, All blacks and media heads started up the testing companies.
    Also she was from Northland, the P capital of NZ along with many other high profile criminals like Mike Sabin and Michael Blowers, “Pigs on meth!”

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