Mark Zuckerberg Demon Teeth – #ZuckTeeth


Featured Image – Mark Zuckerberg displays his reptile/ snake fangs in the recent congressional hearings. The other thing you will often notice about these demons is the pupils of their eyes dilate out of normal circular shape, often into reptile / vertical shapes and are often not identical to each other. 


Media Whores would like to coin that hash tag today. #ZuckTeeth

We have a race of demons living among us.

They shape shift

And constantly cover up pedophilia scandals.

And they are running the entire show. Not least in NZ. They are in all of our communities… fact running them. Go stand outside the council buildings or Media Works buildings if you want to see some.

Still no comment from Simon Barnett on any of this…..nor any of the other media whores for that matter.

If you are still watching the TV news for your information, or following the Government at all – you are in a whole lot of trouble……

We have posted this video below a few times, but have since gone back and checked out Emily Eisenman’s teeth- another good example. These are the people who have been staging all of the terrorism also…..’I isa man’….another androgynous snake in drag……

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