Simon Barnett – More FM……Shape Shifter


Featured Image – Simon Barnett apparently in some sort of demonic shape shifting trance.


Looks like Media Whores might need to change our tag line from “Exposing the Corporate Whores” to “Exposing the Shape Shifters”?

Thought we would highlight this stuff on Simon Barnett today. One of the worst examples of demonic shape shifting we have seen in New Zealand thus far.

We did a little searching on Simon Barnett recently and it was interesting to see the story of his ‘wife’ Jodi Barnett being suddenly raced to hospital in late April for a ‘brain tumor’.

We wouldn’t wish illness upon any human being of course, but did some more digging in the interests of good journalism.

Interestingly Media Whores published our first articles mentioning Simon Barnett in April also. We started with this photo of Barnett with ‘Pedro the Great’ pictured behind him. As we know now, many of the shape shifting demons from overseas have doppelgangers from history, with some people suggesting that they are actually living dead vampires who drink children’s blood to keep themselves youthful. Media Whores would not wish to make those allegations here of course as it could arguably be seen as digitally harmful, and nor have we seen any direct evidence of such.

We then followed up on May 23rd with the quotes about GJ Gardner Homes from the Justin Davis Files …..Simon Barnett is now fronting their advertising campaign…..

G J Gardner Homes in the Justin Davis Files

How is that for timing? Suddenly Simon Barnett’s ‘wife’ Jodi Barnett is sick and raced to hospital, with Barnett taking the next month off work at More FM and creating an outpouring of grief and sympathy across the NZ airwaves….not to mention search result…….

Not that we have seen any evidence that Jodi Barnett’s illness is being staged – nor are we suggesting such. It could even be possible ‘she’ fell ill after reading the Justin Davis Files – wouldn’t rule it out – but  it is obviously far more important that the truth comes out about this organised child abuse in NZ, regardless of the consequences for the families who may or may not be directly involved in it.

We do know however that the deception runs deep. Entire Hollywood movies were produced to help cover up the Keanu Reeves doppelganger stories.

Gary McCormick seems to be shape shifting a lot also……..the problem seems to be right across media and government…..

More photos of Simon Barnett and others shape shifting below……


Mark Zuckerberg Demon Teeth – #ZuckTeeth

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8 thoughts on “Simon Barnett – More FM……Shape Shifter”

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      yeah right.
      dude knew his number was up didnt he bro
      they all study their stars and know whats coming
      constant hoaxes
      the dude is probably 600 years old – and his ‘wife’

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    llloyd says:

    Correction to my earlier comment. Rev. Alan Brash returned to N Z with his new wife Eljan Hill and the refugee he sheltered for a year in his home in Wanganui at the beginning of 1939. Don Brash has insisted he is 100 percent British. Don was born in 1940. It is not stated the gender of the refugee. Now a Presbyterian Minister having living in his home for a year a new wife and a mysterious European refugee. I am not of course implying anything. And gas of course is spelt gas.

  2. Reply
    llloyd says:

    Don Brash’s wikipedia referred to his Presbyterian Minister father sheltering in his home for a year in the 1940s a refugee he had rescued from “the gas chambers”. I had earlier removed the gass chambers reference as offensive to history. However a cross link to the wikipedia biograhy refers to his father Alan sheltering a refugee “whose entire family had been murdered in the gass chambers”. Alan Brash had married an Eljean Hill. Name Eljean sounds Eastern European. Brash itself sound like Brasch. Don Brash once compared his appearance to Klemperer the Jewish actor who played Colonel Clink. Brash now funds Hobson’s Pledge , an Internet site clearly designed to stir up racial hatred and division in N Z .

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    Jack says:

    This is a bit of stuff about Don Brash to save looking for it. A woman called Dian Brash is connected to him and was probably the cause of his being called to make a speech for Hillary Clinton. Brash was knocked down for various crimes by Nicky hagar and Diane is part of the business roiund table, vice chair. etc etc.

    The Hollow Men is a 2006 book written by Nicky Hager about the election strategies used by the New Zealand National Party during New Zealand’s 2005 parliamentary election. The book has been adapted into a stage play, and filmed as a documentary.
    The Hollow Men is based on a wide range of internal party documents, including emails, which Hager stated were leaked to him by six National Party insiders. The documents and emails were written by then party leader Don Brash, and a wide range of people associated with him. The book was initially prevented from being published when Brash obtained an injunction preventing anyone from publishing material from emails that he had written. At the time he was unaware that Hager had completed the book and was about to launch it.[1] Brash claims that the emails were stolen.[2] However, on 23 November 2006, Brash announced his resignation from the leadership of the National Party. The following day he had the injunction lifted, allowing the book to be released. Political scientist Raymond Miller wrote that, “Had he not resigned, he would not have survived the fallout from this book’s release.”[3]
    The book describes Brash’s rise to power in the New Zealand National Party as being assisted by an “informal network of people from the right of New Zealand politics”, including a number of ACT members, and alleges the funding of the National Party in the 2005 election was mainly from prominent New Zealand businessmen through blind trusts. It also documents that senior National Party figures, including Brash, knew of the Exclusive Brethren’s pamphlet campaigns in May 2005, although Brash denied any knowledge of this until August.[4][5] The book showed that even Brash’s admissions in August 2005 were inaccurate, making his resignation inevitable.[6]
    The heart of the book is its descriptions of the National Party strategy discussions and the techniques the party advisers used to try to win the 2005 national elections. The thinking behind major speeches, media management, election advertising and election messages is shown in the participants’ own words. Many of the party’s previously anonymous major donors are identified and relations with them are documented
    Response from Don Brash
    Brash responded to the book saying that it was a “shoddy work of fiction” and a “tissue of lies”. In particular, he denied receiving a crucial e-mail on 25 May 2005 that spelt out Exclusive Brethren election plans and their co-operation with the National Party. He said: “I have no record of receiving that email. It is either total fiction or it was sent to one of the three other email addresses which I don’t personally receive.”[7] Brash stated that as he wasn’t aware of the email he had not “knowingly misled” the public on the matter.[8] However, Hager’s book also detailed that, on the same day as the Exclusive Brethren’s letter was sent, Brash had sent another email in which he discussed the possibility of other groups funding “parallel campaigns” that would benefit the National Party. Brash wrote: “I guess the stuff which the Brethren is doing is one example”.[9]
    Brash wrote a response to the book in December 2006 that claimed to show “dozens of factual errors, some of no great significance but others of much greater importance”. In particular, he identified “the allegation that taxpayers’ money was used to pay for a pamphlet promoting a fair tax regime for the racing industry; it was not.” It was, he wrote, an example of an error caused by “having access to only part of an internal discussion.”[10] In response Hager wrote that “out of a 350 page book, with nearly 1000 detailed references, Don Brash has found two minor inaccuracies. I am happy to take his word about both of them. But neither detracts from the book.”[11] Brash’s insistence that the pamphlet had not been paid for with taxpayers funds ignored that it had been prepared by Parliamentary staff, which is also a breach of the parliamentary rules
    • “Hager revealed as author of Brash emails book”. Sunday Star-Times. 21 November 2006
    • • “Hager book: Brash assisted to power by business lobby”. New Zealand Herald. 24 November 2006. Retrieved 2008-09-17.
    • • Raymond Miller, “Brash would not have survived Hager’s revelations”, Sunday Star-Times, 26 November 2006.
    • • “Hager Book: Brash assisted to power by business lobby”. New Zealand Herald. 2006-11-24. Archived from the original on 2010-08-10. Retrieved 2010-08-10.
    • • Joanna Hunkin and NZPA (2006-11-24). “Hager Book: Brash knew of Brethren campaign”. New Zealand Herald. Archived from the original on 2010-08-10. Retrieved 2010-08-10.
    • • “The smoking gun”, Scoop, 24 November 2006. (This page has a copy of a May 2005 email from Ron Hickmott, who co-ordinated the Exclusive Brethren campaign, addressed to Brash and John Key).
    • • Vernon Small, “Brash: book tissue of lies”, Dominion Post, 27 November 2006.
    • • Alastair Thompson, “Brash responds – I didn’t read the email either!”, Scoop, 27 November 2006.
    • • Nicky Hager, The Hollow Men, Craig Potton Publishing, 2006, p. 26. This email is cited in Alastair Thompson, “Brash responds – I didn’t read the email either!”, Scoop, 27 November 2006.
    • • Don Brash, “Nicky Hager’s book”, Scoop, 6 December 2006.
    • • Nicky Hager, “Reply to Don Brash”, Scoop, 7 December 2006.
    • • O’Sullivan, Fran (16 May 2009). “Police excuses ring hollow”. New Zealand Herald. Retrieved 2009-05-17.
    • • NZPA and Newstalk ZB (2010-03-08). “Police fail to find source of leaked Brash emails”. New Zealand Herald. Archived from the original on 2010-08-10. Retrieved 2010-08-10.
    • • Centrepoint Theatre (2007-09-14). “The Hollow Men”. Retrieved 2007-09-23.
    • “The Hollow Men: The inside story of a National Party election campaign”. Retrieved 2008-07-05

    Leader of the Opposition
    Brash won a caucus vote on 28 October 2003, making him Leader of the National Party Caucus (and thus Leader of the Opposition) after one year as a Member of Parliament. He remained National’s finance spokesman, appointing the equally new MP John Key as his deputy finance-spokesman, and eventually appointing Key the primary finance-spokesman after a Caucus reshuffle in August 2004
    In October 2003, Brash publicly challenged Bill English for the position of Parliamentary Leader of the National Party. English had gradually lost support within the party, but Brash’s victory in any leadership-contest against English seemed by no means guaranteed. Brash’s decision to make his challenge public caused some criticism, with some party supporters perceiving that an open leadership dispute could damage the party’s image. However, by breaking with the tradition of operating secretly, Brash calculated that people would see him as an honest “anti-politician” – a notion central to his personal brand
    In 2004, following a political speech given by the Prime Minister Helen Clark inside the Christchurch Cathedral, Brash wrote to the Dean of the Cathedral, Peter Beck. In his letter he criticised Clark’s use of a church-venue for delivering a political speech, and he raised questions over her views on religion and on the institution of marriage. After Clark retaliated, Brash apologised for any offence that his comments had caused to her, and revealed that his Chief of Staff,
    Richard Long,
    had written the letter, not Brash himself.
    Career after national politics
    On 18 May 2007 Don Brash joined the ANZ National Bank board (the same bank as John Key) as Rob McLeod retired from the board to return to his accounting practice. He also chairs Huljich Wealth Management, an independent, specialist funds-management company based in Auckland, New Zealand.[32] In late 2008 he was lecturing in economics at the Auckland University of Technology In April 2009 Brash was appointed as a director of the electricity grid operator Transpower.
    NOTE : the selling off of New Zealand electricity about 5 years ago to international interests and the mass media propaganda regarding carbon by products so as to by media fraud remove fireplaces from homes and massively increase the electricity consumption, thereby sending $600 million plus NZ dollars overseas merely from Auckland alone. Over only 5 years. That money disappeared could contain 15% GST that has also gone missing, plus other taxes, which is some $100 million taxes removed (from the NZ treasury) via falsification by Auckland city council and media.
    In late April 2011, Brash, still a National Party member, announced that he would like to lead the ACT Party, which would require incumbent leader Rodney Hide to step down. Hide dismissed any talk of a leadership challenge to him but Brash was quoted as saying, “I’d like to say to the board that, under my leadership, I believe Act has a much better prospect of not only getting back into Parliament but having a significant number of MPs.” John Key also would not rule out working with Brash if it came down to a tight decision.[34]
    On Thursday 30 November 2006, just one week after resigning as leader of the party, Brash resigned from Parliament after the National Party’s new parliamentary leader, John Key, declined to offer him a senior portfolio. He set no official date, but he stated he would not return in the new year
    Don Brash took leave on 13 September 2006, to sort out marital troubles.[20] Rumours of an extramarital affair came to the public’s attention around this date after National MP Brian Connell allegedly confronted Brash in a caucus-meeting about the rumours. Details leaked to the press, and in the weeks that followed the National Party caucus suspended Connell from membership of the caucus.
    On Saturday 23 September, Brash appeared on Television New Zealand’s Agenda news program and acknowledged that he had met with Exclusive Brethren representatives after the 2005 general election.
    Brash indicated his intention to remain the leader of the National Party and to contest the next election in that role. However, it became increasingly clear that the caucus preferred Finance Spokesman John Key, whose rating steadily rose in “preferred Prime Minister” polls. Key made no move publicly, but Brash’s reputation for honesty and political competence eroded when, for example, broadcast footage showed him walking a plank,[citation needed] and when allegations appeared of his having an affair with an Auckland businesswoman, Diane Foreman – a charge he has never denied. Despite these setbacks, when asked by an interviewer for an article published in the United Kingdom on 18 November 2006 if he planned to remain leader of his party, “…the Clark Kent of Kiwi politics [Brash] turned to me and smiled gently. ‘That’s my intention,’

    Leadership of the ACT Party
    On 28 April 2011 the incumbent leader of the ACT Party, Rodney Hide, announced that he was stepping down as leader in favour of Brash who had joined the party that morning. His membership was ratified by the party board on Saturday 30 April and the ACT party parliamentary caucus confirmed him as leader the same day.[35] The party board re-convened later that day to ratify his leadership. Rodney Hide remained in Parliament until its dissolution prior to the 2011 general election. Brash was leader of the party outside Parliament and former Auckland City mayor John Banks stood in Epsom.[36] The Listener compared Brash’s successful bid for the leadership of the ACT Party to a hostile takeover.[37] Brash hoped to get ACT 15% of the party vote in the 2011 election, but it only managed 1%.[38] Brash resigned on election night and was later
    replaced as leader by John Banks.
    Talk about a load of inbred masonic pedophiles.
    Talk about a load of inbred masonic pedophiles.
    Talk about a load of inbred masonic pedophiles.
    Talk about a load of inbred masonic pedophiles.
    Talk about a load of inbred masonic pedophiles.
    Talk about a load of inbred masonic pedophiles.
    Talk about a load of inbred masonic pedophiles.
    This is a bit about the Foreman broad that Don Brash was messing with for a while. She was a principle member in the business round table. Which would be like pedo direct persumably.
    he Foreman family business empire, with Diane at the helm, is estimated to be worth $135 million, but detractors question her financial nous. Picture / Richard Robinson
    By: Anne Gibson and Carroll du Chateau, Anne Gibson
    Diane Foreman, the Takapuna businesswoman this week linked to National leader Don Brash, battled her way out of loneliness and poverty to become one of the country’s richest women.

    Within a few minutes of meeting the 157cm-high blond dynamo, she will remind you how tough her life has been, how nothing came easy for her and how people think – and sometimes say – the meanest things to her.

    Foreman was holidaying in Port Douglas and saying little this week, but in a candid interview at her boardroom overlooking Auckland harbour in 2004, she revealed how businessmen made sexist cracks within her earshot and tried to dent her confidence when she started in the corporate world.

    A blonde’s place was in the bedroom, not the boardroom, they said. Men were charming to her initially, “when I could be written off as the boss’s brainless dolly bird”, but when she pulled up a boardroom chair alongside those same men, they felt threatened and lashed out.

    A couple of decades ago Foreman was a solo mother who loved nothing better than to hunker down for the evening in front of Coronation St, with a Coke and a chocolate bar. She left school at 15, struggled through an unhappy marriage in her 20s and ended up alone, working two jobs to make enough money to support her daughters Nikki and Amy.

    Now the tough-talking, committed gym junkie runs a global business, has one of the world’s most valuable paintings on her Viaduct Harbour office wall and featured, as part of the Foreman family, on this year’s NBR Rich List with $135 million.

    Her Emerald Group includes global food, property and investment businesses. Her controlling stake in the successful and expanding ice-cream chain New Zealand Natural has given her outlets in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the United States. She is also vice-chair of Mercy Ascot Hospitals. And her expansion plans are ambitious.

    After leaving school she became a typist, married then separated and worked as a Takapuna real estate agent, while waitressing three nights a week. She declares solo parenthood far tougher than running an international business.

    By the time she met wealthy Hamilton plastics manufacturer Bill Foreman, Diane was a practice manager at the Remuera and Takapuna offices of dynamic ear, nose and throat surgeon Henry Glennie. It was at these medical offices that her bad luck ended because there she met Bill Foreman whose wife, Mary-Pat was ill with cancer.

    As Foreman told the story in 2004, Bill’s wife had given him instructions to re-marry from her deathbed. When he asked who, his wife had replied “that girl at Henry’s office”. A luncheon invitation was extended – and Diane’s friend told her he was undoubtedly only seeking to employ her as a nanny to his daughters, Sally and Penny.

    The two fell in love: “When Bill was 60,” recalled Foreman, who is around 30 years younger, “he was stunning,”. He was also one of the founders of Trigon which the Foremans sold in 1996 for $130 million.

    What Foreman didn’t mention was how shocked and upset some of Bill’s children were at the speed of their father’s re-marriage.

    Bill Foreman had already been married twice: first to Mary who left him for another man, and with whom he had four children; then to Mary-Pat (they had two girls).

    After several years as a corporate wife and scrambling to read her husband’s business faxes as they came through, the third Mrs Foreman was appointed to the Trigon board, initially as the family representative after Bill had suffered a stroke.

    Things did not start well. At an early board meeting, squeezed into a new Patrick Steel suit bought for the day, Foreman became trapped in a toilet. She had to dry her hands on the skirt’s lining to screw the loo door handle back on.

    Her appearance at Trigon meant the parting of the ways with Bill’s long-term partner, John Gibb. “Diane was never part of the equation,” said a source.

    In 1996 she handled the sale of the company to Sealed Air Corporation for $130 million. The new company she established, called the Emerald Group, moved into new territory: an oak furniture manufacturer and other retail businesses in the United States, private surgical and rehabilitation hospitals here and in Australia, the luxury boutique Emerald Inn at Takapuna, commercial property, food manufacturing and exporting businesses. Two years ago, New Zealand Natural had retail sales of more than $70 million.

    Some however, say Foreman’s business expertise is a joke. “She is in over her head, she doesn’t have the skills,” says one Auckland businessperson. “I can’t believe they made her deputy of the Business Roundtable.” What she does have is an extremely direct, go get ’em manner and an appetite for getting her own way.

    Foreman is also into charity work. At last month’s North Shore business awards, Foreman entered the business hall of fame. Enterprise North Shore noted that she had founded the Hearing House for Cochlear Implanted Children. She was a founding member of the Robin Hood Foundation which matches corporations with charities needing business advice and mentoring.

    It wasn’t just money that she stepped into when she married Bill Foreman. His two daughters, Sally and Penny, were still at home as were Diane’s two daughters Nikki and Amy. Adopted son Joshua and their daughter Charlotte, now 9, added to the mix. Joshua, 15, is at Kings College, as is Don Brash’s son, Thomas.

    Two years ago, the couple were listed as owning four houses, including the $10 million maritime-style clifftop family house at Takapuna which has its own lift, a city base in Parnell, a house in Port Douglas and another on Waiheke Island.

    Some say it is not a happy family, others liken it to something out of Peyton Place. Bill Foreman, now quite frail after the stroke, is totally estranged from the children of his first marriage and has been for some years.
    His eldest children believe Diane to be a manipulative gold digger who married their father for his money and has turned their father against them.
    (nasty stuff, the type of evil of Hillary Clintons crowd, which indicates she may well have organised Don Brash to speak for Hillary Clinton in Auckland.)

    He refused to attend a family reunion this year at which 30 family members gathered at the family bach at Whiritoa, on the Coromandel.

    As usual, the bitterness comes out over money. The kind and genial Foreman’s family trusts are now the subject of a multimillion-dollar legal case, the largest lawsuit of its kind in New Zealand.

    Trust lawyers refer to it as a “landmark” case. Litigation concerns the entitlements of some of the trust beneficiaries to see trust documents, including financial statements, distributions and the assetts and liabilities of the trusts.

    Although many of Bill Foreman’s old friends have been sidelined,
    Diana has many new ones, most of them from the far right of business and politics.

    Foreman is a member of the Act Party and vice-chair of the Business Roundtable.

    One friend is journalist and former Act MP, Deborah Coddington, who was linked with Business Roundtable executive chairman Roger Kerr before marrying Wellington QC, Colin Carruthers.

    Act Party president, Catherine Judd, another close friend, told the Listener last year that Foreman was “actually very tough and feisty. She doesn’t crumble, she doesn’t get aggressive, she’s firm. I’ve never seen her lose it. Possibly she does privately, but I’ve never seen it.”

    Asked two years ago who she admired politically, Diane Foreman immediately cited Don Brash for his intelligence and integrity, two qualities she said she found rare in politicians.

    Foreman, of course, already knew Brash through the Act party and possibly business circles, and obviously admired him. When he was a new list MP, she offered him a room at her fancy Emerald Inn on the Shore.

    As Business Roundtable deputy she also offered him help when he mounted his October 2003 takeover challenge against Bill English.

    In August 2005, according to the Sunday Star Times,

    Foreman suggested to Brash that National MPs be told that National’s coffers would dry up if they didn’t back him.
    She looks like a bit of a dirty girl.
    “Could you contact all your friends in the business community and ask them to lobby their MPs for you, ie: no Brash no money?”

    At 21, Diane Foreman was barely able to pay her mortgage and was living day to day – a far cry from the woman today who is worth about $180 million.
    Her first large-scale venture came about through her marriage to millionaire businessman Bill Foreman in 1988. She started working in his Hamilton plastics business, Trigon, before joining its board and then overseeing the sale of the business in 1996 for $130 million.
    Bill was one of my greatest mentors, and he was always there to give advice, but he let me make my own decisions about the company,” she says. The couple separated in 2006.
    Personal highlight?
    Being in Monte Carlo the following year. I didn’t win the world award but I feel like I got second place because they invited me back to be a world judge.
    Dream holiday destination?
    Monte Carlo always was.
    Looks like Winston Churchill’s mother type “uses her fanny like a wallet”.
    “I’m very fortunate because I’ve sold one business to a huge American multinational and another to a huge Chinese multinational … 20 or 30 years ago when Trigon was being sold, America was the powerhouse economy, so to do a deal with a Wall Street company was a big thing for a little business from New Zealand.
    “All these years later I’ve just done a deal with one of the biggest companies in China.
    “It’s a big deal for a little company in New Zealand,

    but there’s lots of New Zealand businesses that could do the same; (Chinese puppet).

    they just have to have the vision to go out and look.”

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      thats a shape shifting tranny snake if ever i saw one. jump onto youtube and study her teeth

    2. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      yup.shape shifter. pastie alien skin. morphing teeth. tries to open mouth too much.
      and where did they get the 24 yr old son Josh? he is a different colour.

  4. Reply
    Jack says:

    It appears at the Hillary Clinton meeting recently that it was Don Brash the ex National party prime minister was the one who was been saying that Hillary Clinton is clean, that there is “no evidence” of her alleged criminal activity. Just a quick google search brings up hundreds of items. Obviously dead people don’t talk, about the Clinton “murder incorporated”, and how some 76, including a large number of the ex bodyguards, got so well and truly dead. And the current long term FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation regarding child sex trafficking and drug running and selling enriched uranium has nothing to do with reality.

    So where does this obviously Zionist Nazi pedophile puppet Don Brash get his information from. Don Brash was also previously found to be the main speaker distancing the National party from the private detective and other criminal antics of the so called and very secretive “exclusive brethren”.

    How come this Don Brash has managed to avoid closer scrutiny? What made him crawl out from under his rock to talk such nonsense, and pedophile enabling propaganda at the recent May 2018 Hillary Clinton meeting along with the orchestrations of the notorious Rottweiler in lipstick, who along with Helen Clark was responsible for getting the Sayanim witch Sian Elias her job, Jenny Shipley.

    One point about the murder of Tainui Kaumatua Eru Thompson by the Auckland City Council, over 1080 poison getting into the Auckland City water supply via the Hunua water reservoirs, that was not clear. What had happened is that the Auckland City Council lawyers, had set Eru Thompson up a treat. After very substantial negotiations and discussions they had him convinced, by deliberate misrepresentation, “just for a laugh, no doubt” that they were not going to use aerial 1080. That they were going to go with ground pest control. Then suddenly for no reason whatsoever reversed their direction. Eru Thompson remarked that he was shocked. Totally shocked and died from heart failure within two weeks. To which Len Brown commented “a mighty Totara has fallen”.
    The next point is, just what is the “diplomatic protection squad” doing investigating a very formidable affidavit that effectively totally opposed and totally destroyed the narrative of a group of corrupt Auckland police (is there any other kind) made by one of the previously mentioned New Zealanders ex employees, who was by then a major business manpower manager. Any issues of problems with the corrupt police narrative should have been dealt with by a minor constable at the very most.

    Meaning that obviously somewhere some connections to “diplomatic protection squad” toes had been stood on, and that there was much more behind the scenes than initially imagined. We now know that the diplomatic protection squad is in fact one of the first lines of defence in the Satanist pedophile Zionist Nazi movement, known as New Zealand politics. Or in the words of the researcher Gregg Halletts sworn affidavit “a pedophile movement fronting as a country”.

    Obviously the affidiavit itself “disappeared”, and so did all evidence of any diplomatic protection squad investigation. That it was totally hushed up. So obviously someone very high up in the pedophile Satanist Zionist Nazi chain of command had to instruct the diplomatic protection squad to look into the matter. Someone so high up that the evidence had to be gotten rid of. Because if it was a legal and legitimate line of enquiry then there had to be paperwork associated. Obviously that someone so high up will have been connected to “disappearing work vehicles with no paperwork being found in tow yards”, and with a team of Auckland police offering “freedom from prosecution” and other incentives, to set up the New Zealander in question.

    Causing very important business stuff and Maori culture and tourism and farming stuff to be put on indefinite hold. Economic terrorism and the very highest levels of criminal treason associated with members of the diplomatic protection squad working for the New Zealand pedophile Satanist Nazi Zionist mafia cabal does not appear to be out of the question of cross examination.

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