Don Brash – the Exclusive Brethren are Freemasons…and Shape Shifting Snakes


Featured Image – Don Brash flashes the ‘lizard tongue’ in the interview below as the annoying junior snake media whore puts him through his paces….Or is it actually Don Brasch? See comments below…Brasch escapes the so called gas chambers….


Is that headline at all duplicitous? All good media headlines are designed to be of course.

Don Brash hasn’t come out and admitted that the so called Exclusive Brethren are actually just more Freemasons dressed in drag. We have said it. And it is becoming clear that the top ones are in fact shape shifting transgender/ androgynous snakes.

The artificial masonic structure that currently governs this Earth – and therefore most of mankind – works on the principle of compartmentalization, so that the majority of fools in the department next door have no idea what the fools next to them are doing. They are given different names, but essentially all the same Masonic bullshit to worship and follow, and then encouraged to battle it out among themselves, leaving their masonic / snakes overlords free to collect all of the taxes and sexually abuse everyones’ children, regardless of who wins the fake debate and whom they then decide you all voted for.


Image – da Vinci’s coded drawing of the Vitruvian Man – which is actually two men – showing you quite clearly that the Masonic ‘squaring of the circle’ is all about ritual anal sex. The World is currently run by a giant homosexual masonic religious cult….and the primary means of continuation, is industrial scale sexual abuse of children (refer recent Palmy Creep Catchers cover up by NZ’s masonic justice system – just the latest one). 

The more senior masons who run each of these various churches, mosques, political parties and rich lister companies, all know full well of course that everything is controlled by the same small group of inbred pedophile master snakes and no doubt have a great old laugh about it all when they meet up at their monthly gay spas and/ or golf tournaments to discuss progress and strategy. The weak minded Goy soldiers underneath them have no idea and are instead drip fed little bits of knowledge mixed with whopping big lies while they offer up their children to the higher ups for sexual abuse and continue paying their membership fees while carrying out their orders.

If we had to guess, we would say Don Brash (probably another of these made up masonic names) is fairly high up the masonic sodomy chain of command in NZ and apparently one of the higher up ‘Exclusive Brethren’. Not least due to his previous tenor as governor of the Rothschild Bank of NZ/ RB, which is certainly one of the heads of this masonic snake and one of the most evil masonic organizations in NZ. We would be very surprised if Don Brash was unaware of the fact that these masons are drugging and raping Kiwi children en masse across their various churches, schools, MP offices, doctors and dentists clinics….if not directly involved in it himself. Unlimited pedophilia and associated justice system protection is the highest honor available to all top masonic snakes….often referred to as ‘Knighthoods’.

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis

And let’s not forget the Civic Crache case in Christchurch – where kids as young as 4 years old started talking about “black” / Persian dicks they had seen at school…still being covered up to this day. The masons rape as many kids as they can in our communities. Shape Shifter Nick Smith was involved in that cover up also…….

Images – Nick Smith MP – another shape shifting Freemason and possibly one of the worst serial child sex offenders in NZ’s history…..and still being protected from investigation. 

The masons in NZ are still raping as many children as they can – child sex abuse is their primary recruitment tool for the masons and politicians of the future…..child sex abuse ‘splits’ a kids personality if left untreated and makes them putty in the hands for the masonic system of government later in life. The boys either become angry criminals and food for the gangs, drug and prison industry, or they become homosexual pedophiles themselves thus creating more food…..and the girls usually become overly sexualized and then so called ‘breaders’, popping out many more kids for the masons to target, ideally while living in solo mum households.

Anyway – back to Don Brash…..

Another clue that Don Brash is a fairly skilled and senior sort of masonic snake is that most of the higher up ones have learned to become experts at hiding their snake tongues and morphing/ shape shifting snake fangs. Over the years they become experts at essentially talking with their lips sealed and mouths as closed as possible, often resulting in a strange sort of homosexual like lisping sound as they speak/ lie and thus explaining part of the motivation behind the new age/ masonic homosexual agenda, in that it helps these snakes to hide in plain site if more and more people are speaking like they do. Not that homosexuals have any need nor reason to speak like snakes, but as we have explained numerous times, homosexuality is primarily caused by child abuse and most often child sex abuse, and those who have been sexually abused as children (and remain under that traumatic spell as they grow up) often start to immolate the actual snakes that sexually abused them…thus copying the way they speak also. Many of these child sex abuse sufferers are still using the credit cards of those who raped them as kids and are thus still very much under their abuser’s control.

And so as we see below with this slightly Brash sounding Exclusive Brethren / Masonic snake mafia ‘Don’, his shape shifting lower teeth are very well hidden, although clearly still morphing at times, along with the odd quick flick of the so called masonic “lizard tongue”……and thus enough to give the game away.

We should all keep in mind however that being on the watch out for shape shifting teeth and snake eye pupils is only the physical clue…….and that mostly we are reminded that we will know them by their deeds. ie) if they are on your TV at all and debating left or right, black or white, Christian or Muslim, deficits or surpluses, good news or bad…….rest assured they are snakes being paid to argue one side or the other of a fake and predetermined debate, or they would not be allowed on TV to begin with. The only real agenda is to keep covering up the masonic pedophile rings operating in our communities with the full support of Government and the justice system….and media…….as well as to continue to keep taxing you all. They couldn’t give a collective fk who you support or vote for, as long as it is a fellow snake….and rest assured, everyone in the debate is a snake.

‘The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.’ – Lenin

“They have teeth like swords and fangs like knives. They devour the poor from the earth and the needy from among humanity.” – Proverbs 30:14

NZ’s leading ‘investigative’ journalist Ian ‘Wishart’ is yet to comment….on any of it….seems he is now quite conveniently retired and selling cell phones instead…..Nor has his partner ‘in crime’, harmless old Leighton/ Latent Agent Smith, who is usually far too busy organizing his lavish overseas cruises and tours to report on the never ending child abuse scandals……..Check out those teeth though! #TheyLive

Brash interviewed by fellow masonic snake John Campbell…..a shape shifting snake extraordinaire…..

Listen to this masonic child sex abuse victim below put a spin on masonic transgender snake worship…..while carefully leaving out at 7 minutes 50 secs that the masonic version of the all seeing eye is quite clearly a snake’s eye. They quite literally worship some sort of pedophile Persian snake God. The only real truth about Freemasonry is that you have to agree to be bummed to climb the ladder and that child sex abuse is both encouraged and protected once you finally get there……They don’t even explain to these kiddie fiddling bum bandit retards that they are all living on a flat Earth….much like the masonic run Christian churches and Mosques to be fair…….

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5 thoughts on “Don Brash – the Exclusive Brethren are Freemasons…and Shape Shifting Snakes”

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    llloyd says:

    Today, August 11, N Z Herald published a speech by Don Brash to Auckland University students in which he denied that he is Jewish. His denial had no real context in the rest of his speech. As with Clarke Gayford’s rumours, are rumours circulating about Brash’s maternity and the refugee in his father’s manse? Has Brash been reading Mediawhores?

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      you know it is interesting they all make a point of mentioning the jewish thing
      like john key with his hat on.
      teressa may does numerous jewish events.
      david cameron always did
      they all do
      they all mention the jews.
      even wiki likes to chuck that stuff in
      as we do. was just doing it oddly enough o that last article – looking for the jewish links
      id say it is more likely that the shape shifting snakes just constantly blame real jews. or biblical jews.

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    Jack says:

    On veterans today with Gordan Duff on 2nd June 2018, “Intel drop: Pizzagate and more. A unit 8200smear job for..”. There is a youtube feature covering a public speaking address by Dr James Fetzer “why pizzagate matters”.

    Jim Fetzer is quite well known, but to us, he is most well known because he is the one who interviewed Gregg Hallett. And is far from being a little lost, he is right on the ball and up with the play and very clear.

    Part of his public speaking and YouTube article deals with Barrack Obama and the $65,000 paid to fly little boys (called “hotdogs” in pedo sodomist Satanist language) from Chicago to a party in the White House. One of the points Jim Fetzer brings to light is that the White house does not allow food to be delivered. So obviously the $65,000 for hotdogs was not for food. It is a good article that appears to me to be needed to be added to the collection, along with his interviews with Gregg Hallett. Jim Fetzers update on Pizzagate ties into Gregg Halletts stuff pretty solidly.

    Jim Fetzer has not yet been made aware of the NZ deeper connection to this stuff, and needs to be brought up to date. That NZ is definitely closely connected to, if not the major player, in the “one pedophile ring to rule them all”. View.

    Hence it was the NZ Cabinet that messed with the Royal Family marriage stuff to keep the right Royal family (as per Gregg Hallett) off the Throne, and to continue to enable a pedophile sodomist Satanist family (the English Royal version of the Adams family) to download into society, disguised as the real thing. When in fact just a pedophile sodomist Satanist fraud.

    Not too sure about the 12 cell salts but they do call them the salts of salvation, and Santos Bonacci is pretty up there in the investigation and research department, and it’s his stuff.

    Note that it was an exclusive Brethren Judge by the name of Robertson who falsely convicted in around 1988, the NZer in question, when he stood in the Court room and said “I am aware of standing here in robes of white light totally soaked in my own blood”. The exclusive Brethren Judge thought that was a great joke. But it just suddenly happened at the time. At one moment just standing there normally and in the next instance aware of that taking place.

    Which we now know to be the difference between the pedo satanists religion and the true Christians. The pedo satanists have so called robes totally drenched in the blood of tortured little children, whereas those who follow the teachings set forward, have robes of stainless white light totally soaked in their own blood, not the blood of little children. The Apostles on the mountsain on seeing Jesus with Elijah and Moses were made aware of how stainless are the robes worn by the hard core, who have done the hard yards. It is far from easy.

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    baz says:

    Don Brasch and the gas chambers:

    Don Brash’s wikipedia referred to his Presbyterian Minister father sheltering in his home for a year in the 1940s a refugee he had rescued from “the gas chambers”. I had earlier removed the gass chambers reference as offensive to history. However a cross link to the wikipedia biograhy refers to his father Alan sheltering a refugee “whose entire family had been murdered in the gass chambers”. Alan Brash had married an Eljean Hill. Name Eljean sounds Eastern European. Brash itself sound like Brasch. Don Brash once compared his appearance to Klemperer the Jewish actor who played Colonel Clink. Brash now funds Hobson’s Pledge , an Internet site clearly designed to stir up racial hatred and division in N Z .

    Correction to my earlier comment. Rev. Alan Brash returned to N Z with his new wife Eljan Hill and the refugee he sheltered for a year in his home in Wanganui at the beginning of 1939. Don Brash has insisted he is 100 percent British. Don was born in 1940. It is not stated the gender of the refugee. Now a Presbyterian Minister having living in his home for a year a new wife and a mysterious European refugee. I am not of course implying anything. And gas of course is spelt gas.

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