Bill English – Demonic Snake Fang Shape Shifting



Well, the jury is in folks.

These creepy fruit loops you see on your TV, pretending to be our leaders and fun loving entertainers, are in fact shape shifting snakes of some description.

Seems a good chunk of NZ are awakening to this rather odd reality……..and it does help to explain the decisions they make does it not?

Unsure entirely where they come from – most seem to agree it is underground somewhere in Israel, Austria, Poland or Russia but many clues also lead back to some sort of Persian snake breeding program of some past age.

Now Media Whores doesn’t have it in for snakes per se, but when they start running our entire Nation and constantly conspiring to cover up child abuse…..all the while taxing us for the privilege …….well surely it is time to call them out on it? Wouldn’t you agree?

Photos from site below

Famous quotes about Snakes / Serpents among mankind:


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