Jacinda Ardern – Demonic Shape Shifter Faking His Pregnancy


Featured Image – Jacinda Ardern, apparently flanked by other shape shifters. Birds of a feather. Notice his weight and face have not changed one bit, nor his schedule, despite claiming to be around 8 months pregnant. 


Some of these shape shifters are more practiced and thus harder to spot than others.

It probably comes down to what they had for ‘breakfast’, if you know what we mean. When they are running low on blood, they seem to fall apart. Other days they are very hard to spot.

Some are arguing that these demons actually dwell in another dimension, possibly what we refer to as ‘time’, which is really just that procession of lights we see across the skies each day. There is never any accident with the words we have been given to use….demons/ dimensions.

It appears as if these androgynous snakes are able to ‘appear’ within our 3 dimensions and use tricks with light to make themselves look like us.

Coupled with a team of professional make up artists, the very latest in silica skin and prosthetics technology……they can look not just normal but quite glowing and glamorous at times…….as we see on the Hollywood red carpet, it is a multi billion dollar industry in trying to look good…..but pay closer attention by pausing the footage at random…and you will see the demonic reality just behind the facade and light effects.

And of course the teeth – flat one minute, jagged the next. There one minute, gone the next. Same as the eye pupils and eyelids.

Personally, we think Jacinda Ardern is actually wearing a huge mouth guard/ false teeth up top  to hide her demonic fangs……and thus why they look so big.

Their acting is top notch, granted. Total professionals. Thousands of years practice by some accounts.

One thing for sure though – this is a dude….not a chick. Just check out the size of the hands. And also note the size of the body and face has not changed one bit despite claiming to be 8 months pregnant – nor has she even taken a day off work –  its a joke. In this quick interview below ‘she’ claims to be “a woman” around 5 times…..trying to stress the point…..


And the other thing for sure? He/she is covering up Government child sex abuse just the same as the rest of these demonic fake snakes do….

Note they said these kids that were sexually abused at the recent Labour camp were all “16” – yeah bullshit. Another Government pedophile ring cover up in full swing….The public/ Goy slaves are expected to just forget all of the child abuse scandals and other daylight robbery by these demonic lunatics term after term…..and the sad thing is that most do.


Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis

Transvestigations – Is Jacinda Ardern actually Peter Thiel Dressed in Drag?

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